My brother's new bike

Flushed with success at not binning his first 'ped (an old Triumph RS) in his first 10months of biking he’s been tempted by the pointy eared devil we call ‘shiny bike syndrome’.

And this weekend took delivery of a new GSXR600. Ahem. They offered him his money back on the RS, and since the clutch/gearbox was on it’s way out he did the deal.

Since he’s got a proper bike now, and been to Frith in the teeth of winter (in blue talking to the irrascible ChrisD last Nov) I think he should be an honorary member of don’t you?




Well done that man!

Sweet bike! I want one of those! Really like the new style gixer!

Get him to report back as to what its like!

you have a brother - you mean there’s more than one of you???

why honorary - surely he can join - that way he gets to be poked with the newbie stick…

and luvy bike…

if only… i was taller…

don’t worry, I’m sure he’d bend down to reach ya

Should have bought a Duc!

blue and white?? i thought they did other colours too?? oh maybe not then

Absolutely, Andrew! So what’s his name? Great bike!

they are great bikes, i got to test the new 600 on saturday very nice! (but should of gone for the black)

Yay! Congratulations, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it lots

Great bike nice colours to your bro has great taste


Well Hi Steve !!! Nice colour choice of bike !!! I prefer the new style, just got that extra “thing” about it…mmm, wonder if i should make this my next bike??? But then i wouldnt be Blade !!! (OMG)…

Since he has a proper bike?! , Cheeky you, better not let him see that.

Are you prejudiced against short people -


Jeez, this is fame at last, getting my ugly mug on a London website. Last time that happened…er best skirt round that I think!

Yes, its true, Andrew has a brother, younger and of course much better looking. Nice to meet you all. I’m sure it will not be too long before I wobble my way back down south, remove the stabilisers and come out to play.

Stone the crows.

Lock up yer daughters and call the pets back indoors. The runt of the not terribly impressive litter has landed.

Newbie section not good enough for ya? Don’t think you can bend the rules just could your from the same loins as me.

Ugh. There’s a stomach churner for you.

I bare my cheeks in the face of your rules, but I guess I should serve my time at the bottom of the pond and get beaten with the Newbie Stick like everyone else. Am decending to the depths of Newbie Forum with my tail between my legs

ooooh someone who is gonna give Andrew loadsa trouble - like it

and its a poke with a newbie stick and a smack with DA’s crutches…

and come on tell us the embarassing baby stories about Andrew - you could start a whole new thread on it



poke poke with the newbie stick

Official welcome


I feel suitably poked and smacked Abbey so thanks for the welcome

Couldn’t possibly spill the beans on big bro, he has more ammunition than I do

I aint smacked you

DA will do that!

well you got one up on andrew he has never had a newbie stick poking