My broken bike.....

from this thread:


Well you dont do things by halves do you capitarn !!

All the best bringing her back to cat walk condition !

oh my word u did do it good!!!

good luck in sorting her out!!

Looks mainly plastics… probably enough not too see her again although you may get the option to buy it back… but you will ened up getting that new one or you could buy a proper bike like a yamaha, ill give ya shout

hahaha…waddya mean a proper bike… i’d rather stick pins in my eyes…hahahahaha

just kidding mate… funny you should say that… been looking at a 06 R6 in black…nice…!

Ack, bugger mate I never wanted to see this bike like this!

Looks expensive all that.

TBH it doesnt look that bad!!!

if the forks ar ok and the headlight is ok then it is easily repairable!!! dont give up on the girl yet!!!

cant tell if the forks are damaged…they are marked from the impact…? and the headlight is smashed…but strangely full beam still works…?..o yeah, frames got a scratch,tanks dented and the tail section is also scratched…right hand cilpon is buggered throttle sticks open (now cruise control) clocks smashed and the rad is very loose…



i was trying to work out how the tank got dented… it looks like the handle bar did it? on closer inspection there’s a bit of metal on the bottom yoke that stops the handle bars turnig to far… and thats bent…!!!

have you decide your going to keep and repair or sell it as parts or have you got to wait for insurance???

if you selling any parts then let me know or if your after anything for it in particular then send me a PM and i’ll have a look at what ive got lying around in the garage!!

Nice one Adam… thanks mate.

i think i have to wait for the insurance to do their thing first…

not sure what i’ll do with it if i get to keep it…?

just have to wait and see… i’ll keep ya posted.



so… it’s now been deemed as a cat c and written off…

pre accident value £4,200…not bad seeing it had 23k on the clock…

question…? i was told by the people that have my bike that i could let them scrap it and they will give me £500 now from the value and get the remainder (£3,700) once the claim is settled…or i could have the bike back + the remaining £3,700 (when the claim is settled)…but i am not allowed to make a profit on the sale of the parts or the whole bike if i sellit on??? is this right? i don’t understand.


see ur pm mate ive explained it all for you

been there many times mate, hang in there. your still around thats the main thing

Damn, looks bad but with the help of eBay you could have her back on the road in no time

…fix her

ok…now got the bike back and i am going to strip it and try to sell off the bits to try ot make enough money to put towards a new bike…as i have just been told that it could go 50/50…

if anyone is interested please PM me…

there are lots of very good parts up for sale, it’s easier to tell wots damaged…

items beyond repair:

front fairing
fairing bracket
left fairing
right fairing
wings mirrors
front brake res
throttle cables

damaged items that could be used/repaired

rear seat cowl and seat hump
the bottom yoke where there are steering stops, one had been bent back, hence the dent in the tank. i dont belive the forks are damaged but if they were it would be very slight and a very easy cheap fix. i have inspected them very carefully and can’t see anything…

everthing else is in good working order and well looked after

in addition i also have some aftermarket stuff:

suzuki gel seat with gsxr emblem
suzuki hugger
R&G fork protectors
R&G bar ends
R&G crash protectors (right side has a little damage)
carbon can company tri oval twin outlet iridium colour fade can…
gsxr logo heel plates
rear LED light with intergrated indicators with clear lens.
K&N air filter…(1000 miles)

i’m open to offers and at the end of the day i’m just after a fair price.