My bro married a thief - HELP!

I thought I’d heard it all until I met my brother after some time only to be shocked!!

A few years ago he fell in love with a woman from Ghana who only really wanted Citizenship and his money. Sadly he still can’t believe that anyone can do this kind of lying but he recently had a rude awakening. These last few weeks he has been getting bailiff threats for around 6 grand that she took from different banks using his identity. Unlucky for him when they got married he gave her copies of everything (passport etc.) and even got taken to a Ghanian solicitor to sign a document saying our family don’t accept her and treating her mean, WTF!??

He has no clue what to do and neither do I. Has anyone ever heard of this kind of scam and how I might be able to help him?


Her behaviour in racking up debts in his name should be considered enough.

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I don’t know where you guys find these women?!

I mean really?

women like that are all over the fricking place.

Treat em mean, keeps em keen :cool:

got with a thief once from Thailand

at least you got some of your money back…

i will never ever receive my anal virginity again, and my pride is still broken… and i thought she was a SHE! :frowning:

kaos where r u when ur needed lols

The cards and loans etc i can understand getting duped. But to go to a solicitor and sign paperwork saying she’s been treated badly… he doesnt deserve helping, what if it had blown up on your family, he didnt care about them when he signed it did he?

Wow, that is just some thing else. can’t say that I would know what to do there but i feel for your bro.

Something similar but different happened to a teacher at my school. She married a chap she met on holiday. They had a child and she financed him through university so he could become a doctor. When he graduated he left her. There are some nasty pieces of work out there.

My ex wife wasn’t a thief, she left me everything, including the negative equity :angry:

Walked out the week after we lost 9-0 to Man Utd too. I spent weeks and months trying to get over it, sleepless nights, constant nightmares, hot and cold flushes, flashbacks etc, but I just couldn’t get that 9th goal out of my head :smiley:

i hate to say it but also think this is a job for kaos :slight_smile:

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How long did it take you to work that out.

Think he’s worried she’ll take half of everything he owns. He’s not the brightest guy and she’s already managed to get a degree with BA Hons and a good job with the local Council. Im sure next on her list is citizenship

Divorce has a bad name, particularly because of highlighted cases.

Would need a lot more details about the position, do they own a house together, are there any children involved.

If the answer is no to both, then she will be unlikely to get anything, she is educated and can work, and isn’t living a particularly special lifestyle that needs protecting.

I would be surprised if a court awarded her anything.

If there are children things will be different depending on custody, and if there is property, and it was bought together, it will most likely be split (if no children) or awarded to the custodial parent until such time as the youngest child is 18. At which time it should also be split.

Shouldn’t judge Divorce by the sensational cases in the media, the reality is a lot more mundane and even handed.

damn, some guys get all the luck. lol

Nothing a shovel and a rolled-up bit of carpet wouldn’t solve!!

He needs to get himself a good lawyer to sort out the divorce/debt issues.

My guess is she’s very attractive. People are sometimes blinded from using their commonsense when they are strongly attracted to some siren who uses their looks to get their way.

Good luck to him.