My Brakes Make A Grinding Noise In The Wet

Since I done a trackday in July my brakes make a horrible grinding noise in the wet and it ‘feels’ like the pads are moving about inside the calipers as the brakes are juddery, the discs arent warped tho as the lever doesnt go backwards and forwards at all and their fine in the dry - I’ve checked it all out and everything looks how it should, they still work fine but in the wet & are fine in the dry but feel/sound like I’d expect a set of pads with no meat on to feel - ie: crap.

The pads have loads left on them by the way so shouldnt need replacing

Any ideas on what this could be at all?

Wheel bearings? Sounds like a possibility.

Try cleaning the discs especially those small holes I can’t remember the name of. My bike coesn’t like EBC pads as this causes the same problem which is amplified in the wet. I’m switching over to Ferrodo.

Ah really? These are EBC pads - I’ll give that a go.

I wouldnt expect its wheel bearings as its fine until wet and only when the brakes are applied

Here’s the thread mark

Cool cheers! I’ll give that a go at the weekend :slight_smile: