my boy is on two wheels at last

He has had the bike since last year but the weekend was the first time he ever rode it used to sit in the garage polishing it and starting it up just like most of us have done with our first bike , in the morning he had staberlizers 2 hrs later he was on 2 wheels only he would like some lb stickers for his bike but doesnt get enough pocket money for petrol and stickers!!

after the first day he was treated to some body armour and a new lid , well gota look cool aint ya

how cute !!! :blink: :blush: did i say that out loud??

i ment ‘Cool dude!’

next moto gp star in the making maybe :cool:

Feeling a tad dizzy right now :smiley:

aaaawww cute indeed :smiley:

very cool! :slight_smile:

How good was he !!

He looks really confident, a future star I reckon.


Taakes me back to when my son had his first bike. He’s 20 now.

Shame they have to grow up:D

Cool and cute :smiley:

Very sweet :slight_smile:

Smashing picture and yes, he does looks cute in his new gear.

Thanks for the comments i had to read them out to him he’s so proud of what he acheived in his first day. that was despite crashing into the fence and head butting it and he even tried the little track managed to get 3/4’s of the way round before getting scared when a kx 60 came flying past and he wobbled off on ot the bumpy grassed area full throttle and crashed again but got back on it and carried on back on the field , he cant wait to go again:)