My boss running over my bike

I’ve resisted and resisted - I can’t hold onto it any longer… so here’s the CCTV



I know Ive had the priv to have seen that before…

I still love that …

“Lets get out of the Chelsea Tractor” and try two (miniscule tugs and “ohhh me back”) to get it back up. !!

“”" and then think""" …

“Oh ****” “I cant get it back up and make out I know nothing about it”

“Id better go tell him” !!!

(watch again for the “Im gonna get away with this mode”)

Is it has many scratches or is it damaged?

£1k of damage in the end - all sorted now.


He he your boss is such a good cager hehe

I really like the bit where he lines the car up because if he carries on he WONT hit my bike.

I like the bit where he tries to pick it up but couldnt so went for help… I bet he felt bad though, how could he not have seen it?


Oh man, that’s terrible Matt! Damn, I hope he paid up, in more ways than one!!

I like the way he tried to pick it up straight away, perhaps to hide the evidence??

I like how restrained you are Matt - just casually inspecting the damage, when inside we all know you’re thinking

“Look what you’ve done to it! If you weren’t my boss I’d FREAKIN KILL YOU!!!”

lol! The best bit is I was appologising to him because I could see how much it was going to cost!

What impresses me most about that clip is the Tango orange T shirt. Way to go for not lumping the twit!


Pen - the clip is a quick time movie file… if you can’t view it make sure you have Quick Time installed… go here


mmm sounds like it’s not playing in your browser then… right click the link and select ‘save link as’ or similar and save the file to your desktop - it’ll take a while to download but when it has double click it and it should play in QT if it doesn’t open QT and select ‘file’ then ‘open’ then select the file on your desktop… if that doesn’t work try reinstalling QT and try again!


The annoying thing though has to be that it cost a grand to repair that.
He hardly touched it and you’ve got a tank cover…what was the damage that cost that much?
Or was this a £50 job with … uh hum… all the extra bits you’ve been meanign to get done fixed up at the same time…?

Actually - he hardly touched it but he knocked it full force to the ground… which cost… (by the way didn’t have a tank cover then - that’s new)

New Front fairing, new left hand side fairing, new clicks cover (all damage to the left hand side)… then there was the new alternator cover, the new gear changer, the new foot peg (the original one bent!) and new pannier rack as the fall bent my Honda ones… so add all that together add about £150 labour and you’re at a grand!


your getting worser than me matt wearing brightley coloured clothing lol

That wasn’t me that was the boss! I was in a red t-shirt.


ok then