my bognor experience!

hey there guys, just to say i have literally got home! its now 1.33am, we left Bognor at 10.10pm and i headed back to London with Abbeyj ceazer, and two other guys, everything was great travelwise until we hit the M25. This is where i ballsed up big time! instead of heading for the London sign i followed these two, what a twat i am, next thing i know im heading to bloody Sevenoaks! there is no where to turn off i just cant believe what im doing!

So im going along the motorway nearly crying cos im achy, cold and very tired, and fazer is giving me such a look! im slowing right down in case i see any where to turn off but no. Anyway i end up in seven oaks, ring my other half and rant about what a twat i am, and ask if he knows the way home, after a few instructions i head back on the M25 Towards Croydon then a23, finally im on a path of some kind for home!, i cant tell you what a relief it was to see a sign for central London after all that!.

atleast im home, but the work hasnt finished yet, i have to wait for fazer to cool, down enough so i can fit the cover to her. god im knackered. x

anyway as for Bognor i had a brilliant time, the ride was great, and we had a good larf in the arcades, thanks guys for lookin after me, i shall deffo be coming again, and this time with a map!

take care, hope you all got home safely


doh!! glad you got back ok anyway!

Blimey Charlie! Talk about ‘The Long Way Round’ - are we gonna have to get you a GS1200 ?? LoL

Erm and why no heat resistant cover? Oxford do a good’un

Oh mate! When I saw you disapear I thought you had found the way home.

thanks andrew ha ha, yeah i think the BMW would have had an easier time! i must look at my cover im sure it probably is heat resistent.

i did have a good time!