my bit for global warming....

Holiday cloths…Mmmmm…that time of year when your wife/partner tells you you cant wear that suzuki t-shirt…or ''if you can read this,the bitch fell off ''t-shirt on a familly holiday…so…off we go without a bloody clue what to buy down the town center armed with 100 quid to spend on holiday gear…

so…get on the bike and head to bromley…riding along without a care in the world and a screwed up wrapper from one of burger kings finest gets thrown out of the car infront of me…

now…ive never done this before…but i stopped in the middle of the road…picked up the screw’d up wrapper…and tucked it inbetween my legs…

we stopped at traffic lights about 300 yards down the road and i pulled up along side…and tossed the wrapper back into the drivers side window…:D.

the look of astonishment i got from the female driver was priceless…and i took off with a nod and a very big smile behind my dark visor…;).

i feel soo much better giving back ya know…:laugh:.


i hate the blinkers that trow stuff out there window stuff like red hot cig buts hitting me next time they do that ill try that pick it up and trow it back at them:D:D:D

did you get some flippy flops and speedos:w00t:

got me flippy flopps mate…:D.


Bloke went to flick his fag out window and smacked his hand straight into my tank !

Nice one shane.