My bikes

It all actually started a loooong time ago on minibikes and such, many more Husky dirtbikes and some mx racing then dropped bikes all of a sudden. Flash forward 25 someyears and I start riding a friends FZ1…OH MY GOD! A used 2005 Bandit was soon purchased. I loved that 1200, but soon a Haybusa with a Power Commander and full stainless steel Yoshimura exhaust…Then I wrapped it around the rear bumper of a car, DANG! Broke me left leg in 15 piece’s but I am on the mend. :w00t:





So now, the busa’s frame is fixed, just need some plastics and odds and ends to put her together…BUT dang, racing season just started here and I ama newb racer, so I dont know where the money is gonna go, the leg is feeling pretty good after 4 months. I know I need more time but hell, I am ready to ride! So this is my Kawi 636 that I flounder around on, hey I am an old man having fun! Shoot me. :smiley:



nice man!!

but you should really get a crosser for this sort of work…

i bet the busa hard work off road!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello all, hope your weekend is going well. Things are a little wild over there right now so I hope everyone is safe and unscathed. :w00t:I just purchased some new merchandise and I am STOKED! BKS leathers baby! My last ones were cut off me in November so I needed as new body condom for safe riding. :smiley:



My friend putting the Busa out there with the Cow patties was no fun, I barely made out without dropping the big girl. :lol

Like the Bayliss lid. What a rider, shame he’s gone,