My bikes

i love my bikes!! :stuck_out_tongue:

KTM 450 SX

BMX with a motor… so much fun!!

My trusty GSXR 750 k5 we have been threw a lot together 32000 miles 3 crashes…

this bikes has taught me a lot…

Excellent choice of bikes Adz - both ends of the spectrum kinda thing - the K5 gixxer looks like a real weapon! ;):smiley:

its is :wink:

i have to say im enjoying the KTM more at the mo…

it only does 85 mph but its amazing how much fun you can have under that speed.

but you cant go to far on it, 7 liter tank and the seat is like a stone wall…

plus you need to find an R1 anywhere you want to park it :wink:

lmao ^^^

Nive bikes there bud, if i could afford it id prob get a streetfighter aswell as a supermoto but the supermoto always comes first :smiley:

Love the ktm but they always feel like yer sitting on a fence holding a broom handle:w00t:

Im gona go sit on a fence and hold a broom handle :D…

missing riding my bike and now yet another delay in getting her back on the road :crying: