My bikes shagged!!


My bike bike appears to be shagged after only 140 miles!!! The oil light came on yesterday when I was on my way to work and I thought nothing of it (it will go off in a minute). I also noticed a slight vibration noise coming from the lower engine area when reving through gears. I checked the oil level which showed the level to be just above low. So I called the dealers where I bought it and they said not to ride it until I put some oil in it. So I got on a tube (something I thought I woudn’t have to do anymore now I had the bike) and went to infinity in Clapham to buy some oil. When I got back to the bike I put a little oil in and expected the oil light to go off, which it didn’t. So I let the bike running for a while and checked the oil level again which showed that the oil was just above the low mark. When the bike is switched off the oil almost fills the oil gauge window (is this right).

I’m waiting to hear back from infinity, but am slightly pissed off as I’ve just spent £5500 and only done 140 miles on it and its already gone Pete Tong! Infinity have also said I cant take it into their Clapham branch to be looked at as they dont have mechanics their to work on it. I reckon their going to try and charge me to have it picked up and sent to their Farnbourgh branch which will really piss me off!!

Untill then I’m back on Public Transport and very, very upset


Sorry to hear of your news mate. Could it be a faulty oil light as normally oil lights down come on until the oil is well below the low mark. I have had this before now and it turned out to be a funny wiring fault under the dash. Your right not to ride it though but if it has plenty of oil in it and it’s not losing any or smoking your probably ok. I know that doesn’t stop you being angry and hope you get it sorted soon mate.

Whoops. Well it’s certainly up to the dealer to collect it and get it sorted, don’t worry about you having to pay for anything. It’s a brand new bike, all onus is on them to get it sorted asap. It’s most likely a faulty light as zx6rj2-yellow says. If you can see oil in it, then it’s fine to ride.

The warning light on my K5 comes on when I hit red-line in the higher gears, it’s a known issue with the power-commander I have, but I can’t be bothered to send it off to be repaired. It’s all under warranty.

Deffo sounds like a faulty light… its a pig having to top up oil… when the bikes hot you’ll get more oil in the res and then as soon as you let it stand and it goes cold it’ll show that theres more oil in than you thought… sometimes causing over filling… the aprilias a pig for it… you really have to top up when cold… the aprilia looks topped up when cold and as soon as its started sucks all the oil out the viewing tube and you’d think its got no oil init…

I’ve just spoken to Infinity service and their arranging for the bike to be picked up on Monday monring with no charge. I’m really pleased I haven’t had to shout at any one yet! So I’ve now got to wait untill next weekend before it’s back on the road. I might have to cheer myself up and buy a new end-can for the bike while she’s in being fixed!!! Anyone know whether Akrapovic do end-cans for the Husky or a good bike shop that deals with end cans for SMs???

Whoah, hang-on, MONDAY? That’s just not a reasonable time for them to come and collect the bike. I would say the next working day is reasonable. You have consumer rights, and I’m damn sure they’re oblidged to respond in a reasonable time-frame, especially if this is your only form of transport, wink wink.

Thanks for the advice guys…To be honest at the moment I’m happy with how they’ve responded to the matter, and although I have to wait a bit I’m reluctant to kick up a fuss just yet. Also, they did offer to pick the bike up on Thursday or Friday of this week, however I can’t get time off work to be around for them to collect it so Monday was the only option. As long as they sort it out without any charge I’ll be happy.

I’ll keep you posted

Serves you right for having a fancy bike with an oil light!!!

Sorry! I’ll get me coat

As much as I agree and think that is way to long to wait (imagine if you made an anon phone call to them, saying you was interested in purchasing a brand new bike from them but wanted to know what their after service care was like you can almost gaurantee they would be the most helpful people ever), I’m off the thinking that I dont want to be an awkard customer who moans and shouts… and gets ****e work done and hassle because of it… thats prolly why if I dont hear what I want to here from my dealer I go else where…

the oil light on a bike has nothing to do with the level, it is a pressure switch, the pressure has to be pretty low to come on (this can be caused by oil surge in the sump) it is pretty poor show on the bike shop, but hope its only a falty sender as others have suggested

Sorry to hear about trouble with the bike. On the bright side any issues will be cover by the manufacturers warranty. Hope it’s sorted soon.

Prob just the light mate, Italians and electrics aren’t exactly the best combo

Although the reason KTM LC4’s have no oil light is for the exact same reason, apparently they used to come on all the time causing owners to panic, KTMs response was to remove the light

You shouldn’t have to pay for a thing as its under full warranty

Stick with it thou Motards are like fit birds they sometimes piss you off, but there usually worth it for the fun bits

hey man, have you got your bike sorted out yet, what was the problem with it?

Hey Guy’s,

I got the bike back 2 weeks ago after the service department had it for a week. Turns out that theres a timer on the bike that was set to run for 4hrs of use and then switch the oil light on for checking. Thankfully there was nothing wrong with it and its now been set correctly. I’m now enjoying tearing up the city streets in london!!!


That’s great news Jaffa, though a little worrying that it took them a week to discover that! You’d expect them to know everything about the bike, like if it has an oil-timer light, or not! Still, I bet you’re happy to have your baby back.

Congrats on being back on 2 wheels mate. Perhaps catch you tearing the streets of London soon.

Theres some motard boys meeting at the Ace tonight, if you fancy it. Reckon it would be the only Husky to, so you could revel in being different to all them horrible orange bikes


Sorry I missed your post and was probably sweating it out at the gym while you guy’s were causing trouble down at the ACE. Let me know next time your going down and I’ll pop along


Prob going to pop down there tonight with Jay and that lot.

You have asked about what cans to be used on your bike, well there is a huge line of after market exhausts out there, however other husky owners have preferred the following:

Leo Vince / Akraps / Devil / Remus are all gorgeous and very expensive or… you can go for what I have which is both good british quality at a reasonable price, Carbon Can Co.

good luck