My bikes running like a bag o shite!

Morning - got a prob with the GSXR, rode to work yesterday and it was running fine - left it all day, finished work went to start the bike and it wouldnt start just off the button, had to hold the throttle partly back and it was running really lumpy & I could smell petrol so Im assuming its running too rich & if I let go of the throttle it just stalled.

I managed to ride it home but it was stalling all the time, I put the standard exhaust back on when I got home and its idling better but still a bit rough. The K&N filter was cleaned 1500 miles ago - could it be that it needs cleaning out again? I havent had a chance to look at it yet to see what its like. Is there anything else it could be?



Has the GSXr range got a manual choke ? if it has and you used it could be stuck slightly on, I know ive got that problem with my gsxf it gets a bit “fluffy” at high revs, just the thought of taking all the fairing of is annoying. :slight_smile:

I’ve had similar sounding prob with scoot. Choke stuck on.

Nah its an auto choke but if that was stuck on wouldnt it be idling quite high? This is quite lumpy when its warm and not at all when its cold

Doh! It’s a gsxr silly :rolleyes:

Er…the engine in my GSXF is a detuned gixxer engine and that has a manual choke, wasnt sure when they changed to auto ones. What about the rectifiers or the plugs could they be playing up or damp getting in ?

My post was aimed at Mark. i have no mechanical knowledge - just taking the p*ss :smiley:

I got even less than you :stuck_out_tongue:

Its a GSXR & I Love it! :smiley:

I think I must be getting old tho - I quite enjoyed not having the Akra pipe on there this morning :blink:

Took it down to D&H that service it for me, they said to check the plugs, air filter but it could also be a dirty injector or a dodgy coil pack.

We know your is the R ya plum its mine thats a bag o nails F model jeez :smiley: so did the shop give you any idea on how to check the said items, as that could be useful info for other peeps ? :cool:

I the carb’d GSXR’s have a manual choke but since the injected models came out the ECU takes care of it all (I think) :slight_smile:

Fuel Injected bikes don’t have a choke as such. They have a fast idle setting for cold starts.

I’d start by finding a stretch of “quiet private road” and ragging it to give it a good clear out:cool:

symtoms…1)running lumpy…not all cylinders are firing…

2)smell of fuel…unspent petrol from cylinder not firing…

3)stalling all the time…you would too if you wer’nt firing on all fours…:wink:

Check plugs …ide say,pull off each HT lead,pull out the plug that the HT corrisponds with…put the plug back in the HT lead socket…rest the plug on the heads of your bike…fire it up…look for spark…try this all the way down mate…1…2…3…4.

another way to test this is to fire up the bike…let it run for about 5 mins till it gets really hot…then…squrit water in the downpipes…if ones not firing then its not gonna be hot enough to dry up the water as quick…:wink:


that reminds me gotta get me k4 serviced, last 1 was @ 6,000 miles now on 11,600 STILL RUNNING OKISH THOUGH!!DOH!!


Cheers Smiled I’ll give that a go tomorrow - was gonna try the Monkey approach but filled up for fuel and realised I’d parked in a massive diesel patch and it had started raining so probably not the best time to rag the nuts off it :stuck_out_tongue:

During the week it never really gets above 8/9k rpm so could well be that it needs some cobwebs blowing out - I hope so :smiley:

I’d give it a go before getting your hands dirty:cool:

If you are worried abut oil/deisel on your tyre, you can always clean it off with a drop of brake cleaner and a clean rag:)

HI! not an expert but an easy way of cheking that all cylinders are working is by puting your hand on the downpipes when you start your bike they all should warm up if not theres a problem and also check your fuel filter! remember where about was the last time you filled up as there some petrol stations not up to standard!!

I’d get a dealer to plug the ECU into their computer and have the sensors checked, especially the water temp sensor, the ECU uses water temp to know when a cold start is required, if it’s faulty it could run too rich all the time which will make kit run very rough once warm and once the plugs are sooted up make it hard to start even when cold.

You can do this yourself on a Gixxer by shorting the two contacts on the “Dealer Plug” which you will find in the tail unit covered by a rubber boot. Turn on the ignition and a code should come up on the dash. something like C00 or suchlike.

I have a list of fault codes if you need them.

But I’d suggest a blast first to clear any cobwebs:cool: