My bike's mentioned in the Bible!!!

Ok guys and gals - not only did Brando, James Dean , Steve McQueen, Bob Dylan etc etc ride a Trumph but Moses had one too…

For it is written…

“And yea the roar of Moses’ Triumph was heard throughout the land” !!!

Beat that Suzukiyamahahondakwakers!!!

I’m holy me!!!

PMSL… love it x

Hey Weeanie whats the story about yor Avatar?

Is that you wearing a RAF cap???

Yep it is a RAF Cap Dedicated slave to the “blue Collar” Industry…

… other half is in the RAF thus the slave bit and that little cutie pie

is one of my many biker chicks…

She salutes right too!!!

Triang… how do you know… ? ? ?

Cos I used to be in ze …

SS !!!

( Sea Scouts!!)

No actually I seem to meet a lot of RAF in my life ( but few matelots and brown jobs ( apologies for that ) - Crab talk there for those in the know…

Did it have after market exhaust with removed baffle

Yea for Moses went for the sport pipe option and agreed not to use it off road…

…and he was forever worried that the Romans might set up a roadblock and do a spot check…


Beat that?.. Easy!

Book of genesis - Honda first day, God created the Heaven and the Earth.


i wonder if moses had considered nitros at any point or a triumph rocket 3

Whey Hey!!!

lol, Romans doing road checks, hehehe, maybe there wouldn’t be so many potholes then? You nutter.

Why are you reading the bible?

Well I’ve heard that people get married and swear over the Triumph service manual ( something I have done many times for a very different reason :laugh