my bike's been STOLEN!

sorry to here about your loss mate…is it me being a cynic or at this time of year (onset of winter) that bikes tend to disappear and the bike breakers /ebay/gumtree,always have loads of spares available :exclamation:

B4stards! They want a right kicking.

Not another one, gutted for you :crying:

sorry to hear this mate! I hope they catch the bastards!

Truly gutted for you mate! Hope the thieving scum’s next sh*t is a hedgehog!

Might be a bit late for you, but others may want to look at the chains and padlocks they are using. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with an Almax Chain, and the CISA padlock that comes with them causes massive problems for the thieving scrotes! Most other chains can be broken within 30 seconds!

Once again, gutted for you mate. But, on a brighter side, at least you can start planning your next bike! :wink:

And get one of these… :cool:

Sorry to hear this and fingers crossed for you getting it back :wink:

As WASP says a remote sensor alarm is pretty priceless - you can get them on ebay for £25.

Not another one!!! this sickens me!!

think im going to invest in a tracker for my baby

Sorry to hear about that.

I hope it turns up.

Sorry about the bike. I hope that you get it back and in good nick

Now on an other subject, I notice that you replace your mirrors with pigcatchers, how did you find them. Because I know a 675 rider that need mirrors that are not really mirrors :slight_smile:

sorry to hear, will keep an eye out. chained as well, wondering whether they stole to order because of the unusual colour?

I am so sorry to hear about your bike, absolutely gutted for you. Fingers crossed you get her back.

realistically i doubt i’ll ever see the bike again… time to start looking for a replacement i guess… probably an older bike now i think…

the pig spotter/catchers are useless! :slight_smile: thats the honest truth… you get very limited view and even that is at an obscure angle. now i had a choice… i could either mount them where the standard mirrors were… (which i did) or drill holes to fix the view (which meant i’d cover the old holes with covers… drill new ones at an angle much deeper and higher on the fairing which didn’t look too nice…

Gutted for you mate, had one knicked a couple of years a go - horrable feeling when you know its gone :frowning:

Sorry to hear that mate (nice bike), I’ll keep an eye out and if I see any looking like that I’ll keep a note and take a photo with my mobile.

I had a bike stolen from the shed in the back garden years ago. They used my own power saw to help cut through the chain and burnt that out in the process too. No one heard a thing. To their credit the local Police did send round someone to dust for prints etc the next morning (she was quite tasty too).


Where and How did hefind it???

WICKED NEWS!!! is the bike still in good condition? I’d store it else where for a few days just in case they come back for it.:smiley:


So glad to hear you got her back, you must be so happy :D:D:D! Well done andyp69