my bike's been STOLEN!

In the last hour, my bike has been stolen from just outside my window.

It had two chains (raised and anchored), a disc lock and a data tool alarm on and i didn’t even hear anything. My neighbour called me and said where’s my bike… he’s been to asda to get some food… took him 15 mins to make the trip and in that time the bike disappeared!

its a different color scheme so might be easy to spot… plz plz plz keep your eyes out for it…

as you may know from my last thread…i have been safe keeping a stolen recovered bike… which was also chained and was left behind this time…

ITS BEEN FOUND!! thanks to Andy… at work still but the bike is back home secured again (in a better place)



effing hell mate what a sweet looking bike, sorry thats 2 of this site in pretty much exactly 24 hours, where was it pinched from ? is a trend appearing ?

E14 9UP (Mudchute) Isle of Dogs! :frowning:
so f*ing depressing…

crap, mate i know how you feel, the other one on the site was pinched last night about this time from N London, hope you get it back in one peice,

bloody hell mate not good, cracking colour scheme on it as well so hopefully as its unusual it might turn up

FFS not another one :angry:
Hope you get it back fella

ffs mate so sorry to hear this, i am sending you a pm.

sorry to hear m8.

did they cut the chains etc, wot chains/padlocks did you have?

They are obviously doing the rounds again !!! what complete a-holes…its things like this that make you think of not using your bike in case you get followed home. Im sorry that your bike was outside and easy for them to spot…its not always easy to own a bike and try and hide it away, much as we would like to…will keep an eye out but again, think this is people who know what they are looking for OR someone who is gonna use it on the track? Know its a long shot, but has anyone ever checked out, say Brands? (really IS a long shot too tbh) you know, just go and take a look at the bikes being used…doubt it would come up with anything though really…they wouldnt use the whole bike for that same reason…god i HATE these scum !!

Wish we could rent secure lock ups in our areas, just for bikes…not gonna happen though, i know. We are such an easy target…the amount of bikes i see in the persons front garden or outside the window…and its so bad that they cant still be there in the morning !!! I think im going to look at installing one of those night light things, but then can that actually AID them, in being able to see what they are doing?

So sorry to hear of this, and then Matts one to…we have got to be more careful again folks…they are definitely on the lookout again…

The security lights with the alarm like what i got are brilliant,you can set the light so it comes on for couple of seconds or more or not at all but the alarm always works and you have the choice of about 6 different alarm sounds and boy they certainly wake you up! i have the upper hand as i know the theiving gits are there before they know i know:D just gives you time to grab your choice of weapon!

I hope your bike turns up mate…wonder if our chinese thief who was pictured a while back knows anything?:angry:

WASP? give me the heads up on where to get one? is it just the local B&Q jobby? that sounds better with an alarm, cos as as few have said, they didnt hear a thing when their bike was being messed with? Will it go off if say a cat or fox is in the garden?

Sorry to hear about your bike, gutted for you, what area of town was it taken? Seems like its getting worse all over again! I’ll keep my eyes open for it!

Sorry to hear that mate. I hope the police will find your bike.

I got it from B+Q 2 years ago(had one previous to that but we left it installed in steves old house/ garden in east ham, so been using them for about 10 years now) will hunt out the make etc later…cost me £28.99 and its the best £28.99 i ever spent:) you can set the sensitivity on it so that the local wildlife and cats etc don’t trigger it,You simply plug in the alarm part indoors and if something triggers it the surge of power used to light the 500watt bulb causes a power surge which sets the alarm off. it also has a good range on it as well, mines set so it covers my neighbours gardens either side of me:D

Not another one - sorry to hear about your bike, it is alway my worst fear.

I hope that you get it back

Sorry to hear this, I was on the green 07 ZX6 at the Ace a few weeks ago, parked next to you and asked (as does everybody probably !) about your headlights, very nice.

I can only add to the sympathy and tell you how gutted I feel for you.

I hope she turns up. She’s a cracking looking bike.

I wass watching Air Cops the other week on BBC1. They had a complete section dedicated to dealing with anti social motorbike riders. A whole team just cracking down on bikers who are anti social. Do they have a team that is dedicated to dealing with bike theft across the capital?

Time for use bikers to start applying pressure to MPs, local authorities and the police to start dealing with this serious issue of criminal activity rather than just going through the motions of issuing a Crime Reference number and then adding it to the pile of “unsolvable crimes” and forgetting it.

So the optimistic note I hope that your bike is returned shortly with absolutely no damage and the thieving toe rags go down for a very, very long time.

Not good to hear. It does seem there is a surge in bike thefts again. Surprised that they managed to get such a well secured bike too. Hope you get it back asap in good nick and that the scum are locked up.

Again soorry to hear this man…

i’ll keep me eyes open and ear to the ground…:wink: