my bike

Thanks for the warm welcome all, I found my lead for my camera but this is the best picture i can find of my R6 was taken at my mums house earlier this year, I love it to bits



Lovely bike but Has someone not told you that yellow is just not cool !

Ask Flatout, he’ll explain !

Hello there Trojan are you refering to my yellow tape on my wheels? it was on there when I bought it as the bike is second hand I was going to remove it but I think it looks rather good and makes it just a little bit different than the rest out there, Believe me I think Flatouts R1 is really very nice if I could afford one I would buy one, I wasnt aware they did them in yellow till I saw it that day and if I hadn’t seen it I wouldnt have known about londonbikers from his stickers and for my sins I also have a yellow MG zr

Only teasing about the yellow tape, don’t tell flatout that I think something yellow looks ok though !

Did you know that Flatouts pet name for his bike is ‘buttercup’, something to do with the yellow I think. He never gets teased about it at all !

I have only seen the bike not the man but why does he call a bike like that buttercup, or is this a joke I’m yet to be made aware of?

I,ll fill you in on the joke…its was originally his pet name for the fella hes seeing…flats is ok though …top stuff !!

You’ll be made aware of it, that I have no doubt. Flatout is the number one winder upper and mickey taker on here and he needs a bit back at times (in a nice way). Don’t say I said but he is a top lad and if you get the chance … I’ve not yet !! … get yourself on one of his rideouts, all reports have said what a top laugh and how much of a great time everyone has had.

very nice bike, i hope to have an R6 as my next bike.

dont listen to him he knows not what he talks about Dizz… Nice bike though wanna race

nice bike dizzy! :slight_smile:

Yup looks tidy.

bike too

(sadly predictable… I know I know but I’m still mourning Steve Irwin)

now you will make a girl blush!

Watch him…

He runs round Race Tracks with Birds Vest Tops on (in pink) and blames the self gratification on having a collection of zoom camera lenses !!!

nowt as queer as folk eh !!

gets you noticed baz nice bike dizzy


Hey mate welcome. Sweet bike!

Nice R6

Nice ride… i mean the bike… honest… :angel:


True … when I grow up in a few years and treat myself to a Thou, will ask if they do it in buttercup yellow. Maybe then I’ll pull the birds … it works, (which has surprised me!!).

Hey Dizzy

Nice bike… I got one too a 2001 model. But unfortunately mine is in the gararge at the minute after a little spill.

Have fun