My Bike upgrades so far..........

Watsen indicators
R&G crash protectors
Evolution composites Exhaust hanger
Evolution composites hugger
Evolution composites Heal plates
Evolution composites chain guard
carbon can co Exhaust (race)
Black double bubble screen
Undertray with small indicators
Oberon preload adjusters
powdercoated levers ( frame black)
powdercoated foot assembles (frame black)


gixxer 014.jpg

gixxer 051.jpg

gixxer 019.jpg

gixxer 032.jpg

gixxer 046.jpg

Looking good Neil! It’s amazing how a few simple modifications can completely change the look of the bike, eh? Can I make a few suggestions on how to take it forward?

  • Fork and Swingarm R&G sliders, essential for protecting your bike.
  • Aftermarket rear sprocket to match the chain. I would recommend AFAM, Talon, or Renthal.

That’s a beautiful machine you got there! Keep up the good work!

Veeery nice…hope your garage is v secure mate, would hate to see that go.

Thanks for the comments guys…

OH yea, my garage has more lock’s, chain’s and devices fitted to it then fort knox!!! takes me ages just to get the bike out…i also have a car parked tight against the door for most of the day and all night