My bike on the dyno

Ok, this was done yesterday and now decided on having a dynojet kit fitted on fri. So far its 118 bhp at the rear.

not bad have you got a can for her?

i take it you got the 600?

No, its a 900!

Its currently sporting an ART end can, road legal with baffles OUT! Hopefully it will be alot more smoothed out friday

tisk tisk, it does say fireblade on the side

hi lariass

What was the final power and torque figures LMRR? The curve looks quite good, and the bike sounds great, eh? Is the throttle response much improved now?

I don’t have the full results of that one here. All I know is that it showed 118bhp yesterday and was running rough. Chris showed, explained it, saved it and said he’ll do me a print out to compare the results once its got the kit on friday.

The curve looked good there on screen but there was a really bad spot mid-range in the 2 runs that were done, he also showed me the difference in 2 runs when he put the choke on in the second. Chris was great, he explained how the jets work and showed me before/after readings from other blades that had the kits fitted. To be honest, everything he said there made sense but I’m buggered if I can remember it all.

He said i’d get away with just having the jets replaced if I wanted which will make a big difference (for £199) but the kit will make it much bigger (£270) so for the extra £70 thought I’d go the whole hog.

Keep watch on here Fri folks…unless I end up at Chesea Bridge

Ah, I see. What does the full kit involve, do you know?

dunno really but he did say, if you get just the jets replaced it would run better, but then you may want to get a dyno kit later and would cost the £199 + £270.

So I’ve just gone straight to the kit… if that makes sense. Doubt its a sales pitch (maybe mechanics could let me know) but he said if it was his choice he’d just do the jets as he makes more money than on the full dyno kit. Considering its actually a specific dyno place (not a shop) I presume he knows what he’s talking about.

In answer to your question… i’ll let you know fri. I’ll know all about it by then

it’s probably a stage 1 k&n filter, in the airbox. cos if you fit a filter after having it jetted it will screw up the mixture and stuff

i’ll be interested to see the final sheet

Ooops sorry if i offended the bike, lol.

I know feck all bout the blades cos there h*nda’s, lol.

Just had me gsxr 1100k, 1989 dyno’d pulled 132 horses, not bad for a 17 yr old bike, m8 of mine sorted the bike for me new cam chain etc and got his m8 to sort carbs, 2ktt dyno in corby all for m8s rates, dont ya love me, lol.

might get to use me bike now, woo hoo.