My bike is way to thirsty

Alright so… Vstrom 650, no leaks, tyres inflated to the correct pressure, I ride it on the legal limits and like a civilised man, I used to get 220 miles a tank (without the reserve) now the reserve light is coming up at 175 miles? WTF


nope, but I did have this with a car once where I’d get about 100 miles to a full tank if I was going down hill with a tail wind… wasn’t worth fixing so I scrapped it…

Maybe you’ve got used to it now and are revving the tits off the thing more frequently?

@BigRedS nah, I’m not riding faster, it’s strange plus the difference in fuel consumption it’s very big. Valves need adjusting maybe?

Carburation?  Dirty air filter.

Vstrom 650 has a 20 litre tank with about 3 to 4 litres reserve.
So say 16 litres to do 175 miles… that’s 50 mpg.

A quick check on fuelly and the average appears to be
46 to 55 mpg depending on the year, newer models being more

So I’d say you’re now doing average mpg, so as BRS says
you used to ride like a pussy and now you’ve learnt
to ride it normally :wink:

Check your plugs, make sure the air filter is seated properly and there are no other air leaks leading to the FI system.  Have you replaced the end can?  Are you running it without the baffle?  Have you tried resetting the ECU (start the bike, do not blip or use the throttle and leave to idle for 15 minutes)?

Pillion? Girlfriend is smuggling pies / pregnant. 

When was it last serviced?
And I normally get through fuel quicker when it’s cold(er)

Aceman, Kevsta, silveR6, he’s doing normal average mpg, see my last post, 
so nowt wrong with the bike.

I’d be more suspicious of the mpg readings, are you sure you’re topping 
up the tank to exactly the same level each time and reseting the trip 
meter when you fill up not when you get home and remember to do it?

Also when the reserve light comes on do you spot it immediately or 5 miles 
after it came on? (assuming the Vstrom doesn’t display F miles, my R6 does 
but my SV doesn’t)

That could just be filling the tank to different levels combined with varying riding conditions. Get more scientific and calculate the mpg and make the comparisons over time. My mpg fluctuates with road, traffic and weather conditions as well as daytime vs night time riding. For example, when riding in the rain or extreme cold my mpg can increase by around 5%, if this also happens to be after dark it can increase by a further 5%. This maybe due to the colder air intake and/or, the increased moisture content and/or, and more likely, the more cautious riding style adopted under those conditions. Although you should expect blips in mpg figures according to the temperature of the fuel/air intake too. Cold air and hot fuel burns better than hot air and cold fuel, it also produces more power which will usually result in an increase in mpg in any given engine because it is under less stress.

In the meantime whip out the spark plugs, the condition of the spark plugs can reveal more about the condition of an engine and in particular the fuelling than any other diagnostic test.

NT and don’t forget the fact that petrol expands and so you’ve got less fuel 
in a full tank in hot weather, unless of course the tank has expanded to 
a greater extent :wink:

Hello guys, Thank you all for the useful feedback, spark plugs are relatively new changed at the 24K service (3 months ago), The tank is actually 22l, the bike is stock and I filled it to the very top last time as I tend to do always. My girlfriend is not pregnant (I hope), maybe the mince pies are making effect though XD!!!.  Anyway I’ll take a close look to your recommendations and report back next month.


If you really want to get accurate fuel consumption figures then 
use something like fuelly where you record the exact amount
of fuel and mileage over time.

Just remember not to pinch a couple of litres out of the bike for 
the chainsaw, BBQ lighting, etc as that will mess up the figures.

As you’ve got the pre 2011 model (22L tank) then from your figures 
you’ve dropped to about 44 mpg which is a bit low. Time to get
more accurate figures and keep and eye on it.

How is the throttle response? Is it noticeably rougher or less responsive?

The point of whipping the spark plugs out was to carry out a visual inspection of their current condition and to see if there was any indication of a problem with the fuel system. Spark plugs can deteriorate very quickly and fuelling problems can, in extreme cases, cause critical engine failure.

Whip them plugs out, you know you want to

For what it’s worth, the wind can have a huge effect. I once did only 120 miles on a 26L tank due to a strong headwind, half of what I consider the minimum range of that bike!

Seriously sandy? Complain when you start getting 110 miles per tank :joy:

Have you actually checked how much fuel your putting in
Sometimes my GSXR fuel light comes on earlier than normal I just ignore it as I always set the trip back. I think when the light flashes it’s 5ltrs then when it’s It’s on constant it’s 2ltrs I fill up when the trip says 160 miles

Have you changed your riding gear?

It varies from bike to bike, but I find that switching from relatively close fitting leathers to bulkier & looser (therefore less aerodynamic) textiles for the winter would result in around a 10% reduction in MPG.