Hello everyone… seems that I don’t seem to have any luck what so ever. My bike was stolen last night between the hours of 2am and 10am from East dulwich, se22.

Its a black pitbike REG NUM- HW63 KXP Distinctive markings are: Green chain guard, green protaper grips, upside down forks and golden levers.




Sorry to hear this…Will keep an eye out :frowning:

Boll*x! :-0

Sorry to hear…

Sorry to hear that… Drive round the area, local estates… that kind of bike, could be some scrotes nicked it to have their fun… unless it was secured down pretty tight?

Oh no, gutted for you.

Hope you get it back.

Shite news, especially after all the work you’ve put into it, hope you get it back

Very sorry to read this Emma :angry:

Sad news

As said have a look around the local estates and such like places, some chavs most likely had that

Sorry to hear that… was it anchored?

Hope you’ll find it soon!

absolute wankerz
gutted for you

That fecking sucks! :frowning: :angry:

Going out to look for it tonight incase the little scroats are ripping it around the estates or parks. I’ll be bouncing back before you all know it.

And if I do find the little sh!ts… ooohhh theyre in for a world of pain.

This seem apt:


Damn that sucks!

Check Dulwich woods from Sydenham Hill train station side , l found 2 bikes there couple wks ago.

Not good. Why do people think they can just take? See it, want it, take it.
Work hard for it like the rest of us. Not fair

Poor thing :frowning:

Too many bikes being nicked these days :frowning:

Some poor sod just had his BMW bike stolen from outside my flat last night :frowning:

His bike cover had been pulled off the night before so we’re obviously checking both the bike and its security out.

Bloody putting me off getting mine

That’s real shite - have put the word out where I can