My bike alarm...

…started to go off for no reason the other day. Just now it kept going off after being armed.

Maybe it’s high time to get rid of it… I think this also means a hike in my insurance premium too… Does anyone know if it’s easy to get rid of it? I’ve been reading a bit and it seems it’s hooked up to the ignition as well as indicators (unsurprisingly…). Does this mean I have to re-splice the original wires back together? It’s a Datatool system 3 by the way.


Alarm removal is a slow job

Trace all the wires from the alarm box removing cable tyes and the tape holding them into the loom
two wires go to the indicator wiring just cut these off the original loom and insulate if necessary
There will be between and pairs of wires for the immobiliser bit you have to trace them to where the loom has be cut and a pair inserted remove them and rejoin the loom The cirkets in the loon cut will be one two or all three of :- power to the starter relay, inigtion power feed and fuel pump power feed

It takes me from one to three hours in a fully equipped workshop


^ What Dave said, he knows his stuff. You can do it yourself with a clear day ahead of you, a large dollop of common sense and a great deal of patience

I seem to remember the difference between alarmed and not alarmed being about £10 a year when I was looking into it a few years back.

The bigger cost would probably be an admin charge if you ask to change your details - think it cost me £20-30 to change address!

Or you could leave it there but simply not turn it on. If you don’t press the little remote button, it won’t sound, right? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice Dave/Scorch! I think I’ll get it to a shop to be done…

Mark: that’s isn’t too bad then, think I’ll bite the bullet on that.

Simon: that would be great alas the alarm arms itself automatically after a while and I’m not sure how to turn that off!

Actually, does anyone know somewhere near SE1 that does alarm removal?

Jap and German do this apparently!

Have you tried putting it into maintenance / ferry mode?

I seem to remember (from the one bike I ever owned with a
Datatool alarm) that if you put it into maintenace mode, i.e. with
the motion sensor deactivated, then when it auto arms after
that it will keep going into maintenace mode, it only switches
back to full mode if you arm it using the remote instead of leaving
it to auto arm.

Just cut the power to the box and leave everything in place, so you don’t waste time removing it and it can be resurrected/fixed at a later date.

As far as I understand, cutting the power to the alarm will activate it unless it’s in maintenance mode. Maintenance mode causes it to beep every 15s…

Even without the motion sensor on, I think it’ll be problematic…

i have found it easier before to just replace the loom on peds i have worked on. 2-3 hours racking my brain to make sure im cuting it right or a hour to unplug all the loom and replace with a new loom

out of curiosity…

did you check your battery is healthy? its getting to that time of year that batteries HATE!
and sone alarms go crazy when batteries are too low…

if you ddnt, id suggest doing a drop test on your battery…

On mine, the modes reset once the ignition is switched on and in maintenance mode the alarm will trigger and re-arm itself if you do not disarm within a few seconds.

Been there, in my case the heated grips were draining the battery, need to move them to a switched supply.

I removed a datatool off of a zx7r - was pretty straightforward in my case - just traced each wire from the alarm to the point where it was soldered to the loom and snipped them off, reinsulated the loom and everything fine.

Datatool Sys 3 is sooooo easy to bypass… 2 split pins and 20mins to do. Permanent fix done!

If you managed to do that it was either extremely faulty or wired completely incorrect…

Slightly off topic but are all bike alarms 5hite? The only threads I see about them are regarding removal.

Did you get this sorted blu?

Edit…just seen you got it removed