My Beautiful Black Blade is for sale

MY fireblade is for sale, it is due the 16 k service (which is about £600) it has 18.5 k miles on it, 6 k of which i have just done on a trip to europe, it has been really well looked after and has about 1.5 k’s worth of extras including full Rng protection, Akaprovik exhaust, power commander mapped for exhaust, rearsets (diamond) and pazzo levers - Chiswick honda have offered me 3 k without the extras (so i can sell them seperate) and so tomoorrow im taking them off but if someone wants it then i will take £3500 if its someone from LB! thats a bargin - a fireblade for £4100 plus i have tons of bits and bobs for it but i need to know in the next 24 hours! Gotta make way for the new bike :slight_smile:

It has just had a new chain, sprockets and battery!

Its a lovely bike and i was going to keep her until next year but after writing off my vfr and then putting the extra milage on her i have decided to get a new one :D:D

Im taking the bits off tomorrow (wednesday) so if u contact me after that she may be back to standard but you can take it away and fit the extras, cash must be waiting, not interested in dropping the price, you know if u walk in chiswick honda in a month it will be 5 k near enough!

So what is replacing the blade then fella?

Good luck with the sale

Damnit, it would take me about 2 weeks to get…I’ve only got 50% of it. :frowning: !

PM Sent

You could PM me if you were feeling charitable and could wait for the cash…at least the other 50% in 2 weeks. I’d just need to sell my gsxr to get the rest. :smiley:

What year is it?

Was booked in for a test ride at Vines of Guildford this Saturday morning. PJ hasn’t stopped praising his German scooter, so I just thought I’d try it.

I have the will power to resist it’s evil lure, of course… :smiley:

im getting another blade, a new one, i was thinking bmw but though PJ might kill me, and then i thought R1 but i went and took out the fireblade and tbh fell in love with it, i love them anyway and the new one feels alot sharper than my one, it was lighter, faster and quicker on the breaks.