My awesome weekend so far!

Hi all,

First thing was to get Friday off work which was pulled off sucessfully!!! Spent 4 hours Thursday evening gardening so I didnt have to do it this weekend. :smiley:

Mrs off on a Hen weekend this morning so I have got the house to myself, woke up late, had a couple toasties and went for my first proper solo ride since getting the Honda. Went up the A10/A602 to bikestop in Stevenage to get a kriega R3 waist pack (great guys) and now back in time for a takeaway and to watch the footie with my pops!

Really nice ride, cool temp and light traffic… got a chance to open the old girl up! :stuck_out_tongue: (the bike ;))

Anywho… hope you all have a good one too!

I love it when a plan comes together! :wink: