My avatar!

You probably have noticed that I’m using ton-up-kid’s avatar. The reason for that is the order where my suport lies:

1st- Against Argentina
2sd- Brazil
3rd- England

Yes, I’m with you guys on that! Com on England!

ps: Just don’t get too good…

Good man Cezar. Sorry to have missed you last night. I had another England sticker ready for your bike!!Lol

Hes just trying to get in to the after competion party…hes knowing who,s going to win !!

haha! What I like on you guys is that you know the reality! Never mind! Let’s shat bout it later on, now in ENGLAND! ENGLAND!

Cezar, I am begining to get a little worried about you

especially with the spelling of “come on” theres nothing common about us!!! he he

Nice to see you come round to the correct way of thinking!

he he, ive somehow got to juggle watching the match with cleaning my bike?!- but on the plus side my boss has told me we can shut up at 5, to watch the match- how cool is that?

Have no idea what are you talking about??/ lol

Wait til’ TonUp sees that you have pinched his avitlarge’ !! he paid good money for that !!

I too am dual-nationality! Supporting:


(or possibly the other way around if Holland do better, haha)

Well done England for the victory! Well done to Trinidad and Tobago for the level of dificulty they imposed. My respects!

Tomorrow the Brazilian avatar comes back and the war is too! lol

Good for you!

And Jay… They’ll all fall out soon and that will be the end of it so stick with England!