My Attempt to be a LBer by 2011

Im on a promise. The MODs have promised to change my ‘bopeep’ thingy for the day to allow it to say LondonBiker if I get to the required amount by January 1st!

Its a big ask. But I WILL make it!

Come on Lewis!!!

This is my dream :cool:

Just over 200 to go. But that is a lot of junk to post in ten days. :smiley:

Correct, I will be filling this site with junk over the next few weeks indeed!

We wouldn’t fall for that old one Lewis - you’ll ALWAYS be Bo-Peep:D

:crying: but…but…I want it!

so your going to carry on as you were, posting all sorts of crap. go for it:w00t:

Mmmm… BoBeep on an R6. Now that’s a sight!! :D:P

hahahaha Thank you sir

I never agreed to that? :slight_smile:

That’s what you said to the ungreased, backdoor… :w00t::P:D

I say re-set his post count to 0… :smiley:

Now that would be funny. Do it, do it, do it, do it. :smiley:

this idea would appeal to the sickos on LB, i personally think it would be a cruel thing to do to Bopeep(you aint a london biker yet), and i am sure it would be against her human rights. :smiley:

In the interest of fair play i suggest that the count be locked at 1499 until such time as we have had an open and frank discussion on the subject which should only take a year or two:w00t:

Now now Wolfie, my friend, my biking buddy…lets not be silly!

I reckon if he doesn’t do it by Jan 1st he has to do a forfeit at the xmas drinks on the 8th? ideas people? :D:D

Was trying to get the quotes to work… ignore…

You see I’m simply harsh… You’re twisted, demented and cruel… I want to learn so much from you! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Im up for anything, except Westie! :smiley:

thats quite worrying:D

admims: im offended by this thread and it should be locked :hehe: :smiley: