My ankle hurts.........

So I was 1 mile from home…making my way down a very steep hill in Erith, at the bottom is a 90 degrees turn to the right and on this turning is a zebra crossing. As im making my way down the hill I see an old man with his dog waiting to cross the zebra crossing, the white van in front goes straight through (typical) As I tried to stop the front wheel slipped out and… I managed to do a superman type dive but landed on my ankle. The old man helped me up and helped me pick my bike up. He said he felt guilty and that I should not have stopped. If I hadn’t of stopped and he had started crossing this would be a completely different post.

Damage to the bike is

Broken front brake lever (about half of it missing)
Broken front indicator
Broken rear brake lever
Scratched exhaust

Thats all I can see in the dark, will do more investigating tomorrow

My poor baby. Good job im off tomorrow should be able to fix it I hope. Thats if I can figure out what im doing

Aww babe, bad luck. At least you can feel happier that you did a good deed for the day. I know it won’t make you feel much better about your baby, but it could have been much worse as you said.

Big kiss to the bike x

Wot about me?

hehehe. You’re a big boy, I’m sure you can cope.
Haven’t you done the puppy-dog eyes to your other half yet? I fall for that one everytime

I tried but she was more like

‘you can get rid of that fu*king thing now cant you’

Instant red card.
I say bin her and get a girl that likes bikes - sorry but you have to share the love.

Now theres an idea. let me just run that by her…

I’ll just scamper off now and don my tin hat…

Yeah she wasn’t best pleased. Dont worry she couldnt fight her way out of a wet paper bag…told tell her I told you that.

Oh no, bad luck fella, top SV too, hope it is not too costly to repair.

Hope you aren’t too badly hurt either, probably going to ache more in the morning.

How did the front slip out? Did you slam on the anchors whilst leant over?

Maybe you should bring her to an LB meet and us girlies can tell her why bikes are so good for you.

Pretty much mate.

It was totally my fault and a miss judgment on my part…but hey what ya gonna do. Sh1t happens

Gonna get the parts in the morning should have it back up and running by lunch time.

I would do but someone has to do my washing and ironing lol

just kidding

I will bring her in the summer maybe

oh lord!, poor stu, sorry to hear this mate!, i hope your not in too much pain? and hope thew bike isnt too bad, at least you can order your parts cheaper if needs be… :wink:

Dont forget the list I gave you matt…

Sorry to hear that. Good luck with the repairs! I suppose its of a little consulation that a similar list isn’t winging its way to hospital!!

Ouch, glad your ok though OggyPlonk. Bloody pedestirans - but you did the right thing

I would do but not sure if I can ride it. Dam and I was looking forward to some TLC from the LBgirls.

I thought they were just a myth, ive never seen one. Are they scary?

LOL Thanks for the heads up.