My accident update

After two weeks of waiting Ive finally found out that I dont have a broken wrist, just badly sprained. :slight_smile: Also just been told by KGM that my bike has been written off…CAT B. So asked if they could email me some pics as I havent actually seen the bike…

anyone wanna lend me a bike? :smiley:








To walk away from that with nothing more serious than a sprained wrist is nothing short of amazing. You live a charmed life!

I hope that good fortune continues to your choice of replacement bike, and that it lasts longer than one year next time.

tell me about it. I hope Im not running out of luck here its the 2nd serious accident Ive walked away from. :smiley: Mabe a goldwing next :smiley:

who said it was just a sprain? had a proper Xray?

I spent 5 hours in hospital immediately after the accident…2 seperate sets of xrays…dr thought it was broken/fractured, xray ppl said no. So had a splint for two weeks and went back today for more xrays. No sign of a break and the pain is almost gone. So as far as can be seen it was a sprain.

hmm well just saying cos the hospital thought mine was a sprain but I’d broken my scaphoid. I don’t think a full size wrist scan will show that up. I could be wrong, I’m no doctor.

Good god, that bike is mullered! How you ever walked away from that I will never know. As for a bike to borrow, I have one to sell. :wink:

It’s OK I think I’ve spotted the problem, I’d say your chain needs adjusting!! :smiley:

Hope the wrist heals soon fella and you manage to get a replacement bike out of the insurance?

don joke id just put in for a new chain and sproket set! :smiley: not gonna get a replacement as I was still paying the bike off so now down to square one!

god damn, that’s a wreck! You’re a lucky guy. Wont your insurance cover the bike?

lol yeah but it only covers the finance. If the bike was fully mine then yeah Id get a new one. Not bad for 20 mile an hour give or take :smiley:

And I’m no gynecologist, but I’ll have a bloody good look! :smiley:

hmm interesting…gotta have it checked by insurance claim ppl so Il mention that

unless you take finance I doubt Ill be taking you up on that sigh :smiley:

ooo now thats gonna scare me! lol ill mention it to my dr. cheers groovy

no worries bud

wow how are you in one piece after that? i get a car door and knackered hand and wrist. what happened glad you fine. think our training at advantage hasnt done us well lol