My '73 Triumph Tiger 750

Just a line to say hello and introduce my almost finished project. Just needs some minor fettling and an MoT and then I can register it for the road.

Link to Wordpress blog thing

the bike is now in my South London railway arch bike cave along with my 1937 Velocette 350 MAC project.


nice 1 mate, if your not far from Greenwich a classic car/bike meet happens, will start again in march or april, if on facebook look up mean old timers.

Just so you know, you redacted the Frame Number from the HMRC letter, but not from the Dating Certificate from Triumph.

Not sure that number is significant, but since you redacted it once, you may wish to redact it again.

Ooops :blush:

Thanks, will check that out. Near Dulwich so Greenwich no problem.

nice 1, I am in se16 so again not far from you or Greenwich, I run a new thruxton, love the old 1s but were just not practical for me now they cost a fortune even for projects.

you get the guys from ace classics there too with a stall now and showing bikes.