My 21st!

Right i’m posting this early so you all have no excuse for not comming (unless you dislike me of course :P)

Its my 21st birthday on the 29th of may, which is a thursday so i will be celebrating it on the following saturday night (31st may).

I have booked some tables at a rock pub called the pit, i know its not all your first choice in music but would be nice to see all your lovely faces there to celebrate this big one!

If you are unable to come I will most likely be at the ace on friday so presents welcome :P:D

ok so the adress is: The Duke of Cambridge, 3 Kingsley Road, Hounslow, TW3 1PA

I will be there from 8 onwards, hope to see some of you there too :smiley:

Oh god girl, I remember yours last year… leading my son astray :smiley: … Those who are unaware, Stacy and Paul share the same DOB

Not sure what’s happening or what Paul wants to do… whatever, have a lovely time Stacy and make sure you get home safely LOL … not too many balloons or you might take off :stuck_out_tongue:

Will raise a glass to you from the Isle of Man :wink:

You don’t want us oldies there showing you how to drink anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sure you will have a great time :cool:

PS No can do on the present either as we aren’t here on that Friday either :w00t:

count me in :smiley:

always wanted to go to the pit seen as its just down the road :stuck_out_tongue:
hav to borrow some i.d though

The pits ace, i’ll be there!!

Doh! Know I’m away that weekend, so I’ll wish you happy bday now. Hope you have an awesome time! :smiley:

ahh, spose i could make an appearance :wink:

is it an all nighter though? as i have no where to stay and doubt i could get back to tottenham from there to easy

Ahhhhhhhhhh I would so love to come n I know Ms 'Puppy (AKA miz_lilax on the forum) would too but alas:crying: ve vill be wining oor merry way to Bulgaria! :smiley:

Didn’t even know May had a 31st - but I’ll try and be there!

Why? what they done with it then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you have a good time stacey baby…sorry cant be there but you dont want us oldies there to rain on your parade !! xxx :slight_smile: