My 1st RTA

hey LB’ers

I need some help here, on the way home I was filtering traffic, a gap opens in front of a car I’m going past, go to go into the gap and the car hits me (dont worry low speed some I’m ok), my foot peg goes straight through her bumper leaving a big whole…
She gets out of the car screaming it was my fault (not to sure it was) then her mate in the car comes up and says it was my fault…

Now they both say her car was moving but I’m 95% certain it wasnt, why would I pull in front of a moving car! now the problem begins she said she will think about what to do, I have no witnesses to say I was in the right or wrong, but she has a witness…
also as I just bought the bike and still waiting for the log book to turn up I have no road tax at the moment but it is insured and MoT’d.

Help me out here where do I stand? should I go through th insurance and say it was not my fault and battle it?

offer to pay for the damage on her motor or check your PM

Speak to Dan matey - he does this for a living and will be able to help you out - he’s dancbr600rider here on the site - he’s here quite often.


Tough one this.I have hit a car in a similar fashion.I didn wait around to discuss the ins and outs of who was in the wrong.Unfortunately imo the law will side with the car as there is a witness.

I suggest you call her up and act like you think it will go to court as you have come across it many times before.Her witness may be discounted as he/she isnt independent and obviously biased.If you mention losing NCB Discount and paying excesses etc she may back off.

Then suggest you both just repair the damage to your respective vehicles.

Good luck tho i think you may need it.

the problem is there is no damage to my bike, she was really agressive though I mean as there were 2 of them and I did not want any trouble, I just for the sake of it agreed with her and she was still shouting and having a go at me…

Also she wanted all my details 2 phone numbers, my insurance a copy of my drivers licence, and what did I get from her 1 work phone number and a name… That was it, she refused anything else, but I do think she is insured…

This is a nightmare, why is it the innocent are always the ones to get in trouble…

usually the louder you shout - the more you have to hide…!!

she should have given you her details too

Hey mate,

Sounds a lot like mine, there’s a thread floating round on here about filtering, and how the law looks upon it in the event of an accident.

Glad you weren’t hurt, and ofcourse that you bike is OK… i’d offer to pay for the damage, and persue it with dan, he knows his stuff

Best of luck mate

What sort of car was it etc etc if it was a shi*tty old escort then i’ld worry… i’m quite certain tho that all you have to give is your name and a contact number, you say you’ve only just bought the bike, you should have the green bit of the log book, you can get tax from that, so sending that off is no excuse…

I would phone your insurance company, just to inform them of what happened, they might be able to give u some advise…

Second of all, the person in the other car may have been a friend of the other driver… i would give it a go saying you want to take them to court, saying you have a copy of the cctv from the road showing your in the right etc but if she agrees then just offer to pay for her damages at a garage of your choise… could work out cheaper in the long run

This true and I wouldn’t be giving her a copy of you licence.

PM Sent

You are legally obliged to exchange names & addresses of the drivers/riders (maybe also the name & address of the vehicle owner if different from the driver/rider) plus registration numbers & insurance details, nothing more nothing less.

I’d call her in the morning explain that she’s legally obliged to provide you with the details above & mention that if she doesn’t supply her name & address immediately & her insurance details by say 9pm (she’ll probably not have them with her at work, so let her find them at home), you’ll need to report the accident & her failure to comply with the law to the police, blah, blah, need to cover your back legally, blah, blah, blah.

If she’s not insured it’ll be enough to frighten her off.

CCTV tapes should not be released the only people that could get hold of footage would be the police.

It would more likely be 50/50 i would think.

as tls says, I reckon it will be settled as a knock for knock, you have no damage, so no claim on your insurance. Her passenger is her mate so is legally viewed as a potentially biased witness.

ALWAYS take a photo with your phone of the accident, road position AND the person who crashed into you, so many dodgy gits try to slime out of the balme these days.

I guess I should have done but as there was no damage to my bike I did not think of it…
This is so annoying, I think I will wait till lunch then call her as she may have calmed down a little bit…

Bah, this is such horsesh!t. She should have looked all around before moving off. But she was in traffic and in London and in a car so couldn’t give two sh!ts. You’re lucky you weren’t hurt my friend.

Never admit liability at the scene. Exchange details, that’s all. Her friend is not a reliable witness. I’d let the insurance fight this out - after all, is she going to accept 50/50 increased premiums, potential loss of NCB for a hole in her bumper she could fix for a few quid?

sliming out of the balme? sounds messy

I think apologising is the same as admitting liability, which isn’t easilly refuted.

She sounds like a c0ck, but it’s good to hear that you suffered no damage (to yourself, or steed)

pop to wh smiths and buy some blu tac, super glue, and a permanent marker the same colour as the car!! sneak round to her address and plug the hole with blu tac(ensuring a flush finish with the rest of the bumper) and put a layer of super glue over the top, wait for it to dry, now colour over the top with the marker!!! Roberts your mothers brother!! deny all knowledge!!

glad it was only a small off and you and bike are alright!!


Love the idea, but I’m so bad at DIY by the time I’m finished her car will probably look more like the elephant man…

in general you should always avoid making any admissions of guilt etc at the scene.

she does not have an independent witness saying that you admitted liability. deny.

be very factual when speak to the driver and the insurance co. offer no explanations as to potential reasons. you filtered to the side of the slow moving/stationary traffic, attempted to rejoin at a suitable place at low speed into the gap. the driver drove into you resulting in damage to their bumper. she and her passenger exhibited aggressive/threatening behaviour whilst details were exchanged.

when you speak to her on the phone, put it on speaker and record the coversation (most mobiles have this - grab a friends one with it on). when people start getting a rant on, they tend to make conflicting comments. she may say something which will invalidate her claim/exhibit the same behaviour

Hope this all sorts itself for you, sounds like lots of good advice already and well done for staying calm. I’ve noticed women getting increasingly aggressive and loud in these situations and sadly as blokes if you lose your rag you’ll get done for worse things.

Refusing to give you her details though? I am sure that isn’t right, maybe bluffing as already suggested is a good way to go? You’ve sought legal advice and she left the scene of an accident without giving full details etc??? You will make a report to the police unless she supplies full details, ie the same you’ve given to her?