My 14

Just testing the posting attachments procedure. If it worked for me then there will be a pic of my GSX1400. If it didn’t, there…err…won’t.

Ahh, goody! It did work. But now I realise I should’ve perhaps posted it in the Members Bikes Gallery section. Ooops, sorry. I’ll get around to that when I’ve gotten round to taking some decent pics of it.


MaxRevs 14.JPG

Very tidy example there fella!

All that chrome… I can smell the Autosol from here.

Very smart. The best application of the Suzuki colours IMHO.

Love it!

Thanks guys. You know what they say: “It just ain’t right if it ain’t blue & white”

Dont you mean " It’s definatley not right if you bought it from Motorcycles and Moore’s"

Ya got me - well sussed my friend.

You must be quite familiar with them to recognise the place from that cropped pic. Have you had any negative experiences with them?

Ha Ha ! Tony Moore is a top bloke. You could do a lot worse than using that place. V friendly.

Even the coffee’s good!

…Tidy example of a bus.!!

rsvnige, you are a cruel and heartless man…

rsvnige play nice, well it has my vote luvin the colours.

nice bike ,my advice get some engine bars or heavey duty end cases as I’ve seen 3 of these bikes written off by low speed (15-20mph) offs ! (2 of them by my neighbour in 6 months lol)still the best colours though :slight_smile:

Any bad experience ??..Ive dealt with them over my latest bike purchase and they cant do enough for me !!..Theres a post in the name and shame section concerning my latest visit (yesterday) !!

2 in 6 months?!!! Whoa, that’s gotta hurt.

Since that pic was taken I did exactly as you’re suggesting. I got some Givi engine bars.


Givi engine bars.jpg