My 12R needs a recall ... looking for a Central London Kwak dealer ...

Okay, I’ve had my bike checked by Kawasaki to make sure that the recalls have been done. One has and one hasn’t, so I’m looking for a decent Kwak dealer near to me. I live in EC1 and work in N1.

Anyone know a Kawasaki dealer near to me?



You can use Infinity at Clapham! To me that is central enough , lol!

Cheers Cezar! … I might give 'em a try, but I was hoping there would be a dealer nearby, so that I could drop her off on my way to work or something.

Try Daytona in Kings Cross. I bought and service my Z750 at their Ruislip branch and have been happy with them.

Nice one David … I’ll give them a try!

Yeah the guys at daytona are ok. They have a service and parts branch in kings cross.