My 04 625smc: The Lewis Edition

Pics to follow - once fully finished.

Bought the bike: mods so far. basics really.

done the oil seal

new front tyre enroute (avon pxr wet)

new black plastics bought and fitted (awaiting front acerbis light plastic)

new rear fender bought and LED light installed

indicators…err… coming…

mirrors - got used to not having them now

exhaust bung fitted and spare one hanging to gather dust :unsure:

new orange KTM stickers/vinyl/graphics coming

new dash holder bracket, bulbs for the neutral and main beam light waiting to be fitted

new boots - alpinestars tech7 :wink:

new grips - renthal dual comp - coming

black bolts to repalce the temp silver ones - coming

big deep clean/polish and buff - prob wont happen this year

new crash bungs - hopefully to remain shiny and scratch free

a few beers waiting in the beer fridge for Friar Tuck if ever the undreampt happens and i need the orange van. Although its not spoken about much in this section…maybe just for those loser sports bike riders :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway. Pics to follow when finished (few weeks) and then ill be out fully on the BCR. (if allowed) - by the ‘boys’ not Mel :hehe:

most of those sound like Fix er uppers:P

Jealous tho. I want a moto:D

lose the morrors a true motard rider only ever looks forward:D

btw if you keep the plastics stealth too long it will look scuffed up like mine did:crazy:

Nice bike MD.

Yeah I can see it scuffing already…oh well. Going to have a few stickers like yours. A few shiny bits too.

Cant wait to get out with some otehr knobbers to really show how poor I ride one of these. Even though im quicker through teh lanes tahn I was on the R6…and ive only done about 150miles

Jesus. My brain-fingers-keys skills are shocking! look at that speeling! :hehe:

There you go buddy!


Fook me its Tony The Tiger

That’s probably because you’re being affected by the vibrations from the handlebars! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

pmsl :laugh:


Are they worn with the internal crunchy peanut butter as well as your staggies?

Unfortunately not, obviously I’d like to get my hands on them there socks, but Lewis might have summit to say about that!:Whistling:

Are we a bunch of sock fetish’ers??

edit picture posting didnt work

Do you not know where I got this image?:Whistling:

Oh i know…ill be wearing them Sunday!