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Mutt Motorcycles opening London shop

Bethnal Green 12th March 2020

More info here

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Oh, they’ve got the TTT / Royal Enfield location.

So anyone know the deal here? Andy at TTT has been selling Mutt bikes for a while (amongst others). Is this a bigger tie in, a dedicated Mutt showroom or some other realignment? Guess, we’ll have to pop in and see.

I suspect he can’t get out of his lease and needed another brand to become a dealer for.

I do like the Mutt bikes styling, I’d certainly look at one as a city bike.

Anybody tried the Mutt? Looking at one for the Mrs to learn on/ me to commute on.

My mate has got one, they look cool. He’s had to tinker with it a few times, probably a tad expensive IMO but it all depends if your Mrs is only going to stick with a 125 or change up to a bigger bike once used to it.