Musicians wanted

I’m looking for some string Musicians to play a set at a party. Does anyone know any who can do a gig? I’d need about an hour long set or maybe two 45 minute sets.

Or acoustic guitaists would be good also.

what sort of party? little fingers out, or plastic beer tumblers?

A posh affair.

I was going to offer a seasick steve/clapton/howling wolf mega mix on my battered acoustic, but I’m thinking that’s probably not what you’re after :slight_smile:

Alex Gold is a bit of a prodigy on the violin.:slight_smile:

My uncle plays excellent guitar with vocals. Gabriel Mesh he is called… Checkout the soundcloud. Dunno if it’s what you’re after…? If not I’m sure he’ll know someone who can sort you out…

What about Satnav Sam. :smiley:
Sat Nav Sam

A friend of mine is an excellent guitarist and musician. He plays all over London and is also performing at the Folkstock festival. He plays folks, ballads, rock, acoustic etc. So let us know if that might work and I’ll ask him. I doubt he would do it for free though.

I play the flute and have been in bands of varying standards over the years (think after last orders at the Rowing Club in Putney, when the punters are all too worse for wear to realise what they are listening to :smiley: ) However, as it is not a stringed instrument, I’ll not offer my services:hehe:

These are friends of mine really good

Check them out

if you get the gig scorch, i’ll bring me drums along.

Just watched that, great film, thanks Mark:)