Sorry and My Fav Girl are definitely two of the best garage tunes ever along with You Dont Know (marvel and eliy remix) - 702, Gabrielle Roy Davis Jr, & anything by Todd Edwards!

And there was another tune, cant remember what it was called but it went something like:

“My mama used to warn me about boys like you, all you wanna do is take me to your crib, and take my virginity…”

Story of my life, lol

I got that tune, I will dig it out if you want it?

stuff i’ve neen listening to of late… you may not have heard of 'em, but you’ll know 'em seeing these guys soon****ed_Up-Baiting_the_Public.mp3 best punk record in looong time saw these guys play a few dates last year this guy is probably my favourite songwriter of all time

also that new arcade fire is great, and i also really liked that last my chemical romance record

i thinks it called nicoles groove (well at least that was what was written on the while label) ive got it on my comp ripped from vinyl if u want it pm me and ill stick on a site some where.

702 - u dont know is a tune!

How big lol?

i write alot of music here…im gonna post it on myspace pretty soon and will put up a link when done…

i write alot of dark riffs…instrumental stuff mainley…as i dont have a vocalist…but been trying a few bits meself and after playing around with it…i think it sounds pretty good…!!

u use quite a few programms in writing my music but the mother i use is fruityloops XXXL producers edition which is a mother of a programme…

also use reason and good old sound forge for toutch ups…!!

my music tasts range from cat stevens to hard house…depends what im in the mood for…but to say music is my life is an understatement…

my decks are my jewl…my cpu is my speech without words and my guitar is my old freind…

love it


thanks DjJC and Thanutz, now i have the name i will try find it on limewire, if not i will be in touch.

We should put together a garage top 20 CD, a must for summer, lol

Thats it Anil, 702 was done by reservoir dogs, I knew the guy he had a record shop in southgate called scream, do you remember Buddha finger and death moves they were another two tunes by him.

I loved Gabriel feat roy davis JR, The boy is mine Brandy and monica, Crazy and space rider M.J Cole sunship try me out Wookie Battle the list goes on and on.

I am up to a making a top 20 Garage cd in fact does anyone want cd’s I can make you a wicked one if you do send me you list and I will mix it to order and it can be anything cheese RnB house Garage Chill out.

yeah i remember alot of them. My borther use to be a garage dj on the side. He didnt do any massive event but did dj in on of europes biggest clubs at nottingham under ruff cut lloyd. Anyway i loved the music, couldnt mix for **** and decided to convert most his tracks to mp3 from vinyl as i saw thats where the world was heading (this was b4 ipod times). Got a few mix cds as well, i had some quality ones but when my hd got wiped out lost them :frowning:

I play piano, and love trance , dance funkyhouse , electronic, Peter Gabriel , genesis, Yes.

All sorts really

Smiled, I use Reason as my main tool for writing!

So many composers, and such a good range of listening tastes, nice!

Metal, rock, punk, techno!, all good,

i play electric guitar ( i have 2) and can play drums ( use my mates to practise)

in my old school me n my old mates, that all we used to talk about was music, we all played guitar and me n mate drums and every lunch we practised or just talked bout music, then i descovered the… 2 wheeled automobile…a bike!!! i only play guitar sumtimes now, i prefer playing music with the scream of the bk wheel att he traffic lights, lol

im still an old punk at heart so everything from the clash/damned/pistols and reggae only old reggae from 60’s to about 1984.

blues hendrix,winters,moore,fleetwood mac,

heavy bellrays to hawkwind,speeddealer,slipnot.

and funkadelic/parliment/p.funk/

but mainly songs with a reason,protest songs,rage against the machine,public enemy,system of the down

System of a Down are awsome!

I used to make music, long time ago…

Amiga Demoscene Musician

So is any one up for a jam then?

I would be up for a jam some time!

Hip-Hop + RnB Mainly …

Some Bashment (Ragga) … and Old Skool Garage !

I love my progressive psytrance (spun it for 4+ years), darkpsy (like CPC Project), bit of industrial, lots of chill-out/ambient, drum ‘n’ bass… potentially anything electronic really if it’s a bit dark tinged, phat, well-produced and atmospheric.

Also like German electro-pop (2raumwohnung), German hiphop (Fanta4, Absolute Beginner), old-school American gangsta rap, britcore, LA hardcore (Downset etc), … my taste in music is pretty eclectic.

I find motorcycling in London best goes with drum ‘n’ bass though. One time I was cutting a filtering video and found the best tune ever to go with it on my entire harddrive was a section of Aphrodite’s jungle remix of the old NWA “Gangsta Gangsta” tune. Awesome

My favourite tunes of the last few months:

Trentemøller - Polar Shift (Great danish minimal prog house)
DJ Pow-Low - Razzia Edit (Swiss prog-psy bomb)
Vaishiyas - Recall (Lovely uplifting psytrance from Germany)
Nine Inch Nails - Right Where It Belongs (an appropriate tune for being stuck in a box in Norway with nothing but World of Warcraft for company)