I was wondering what peoples music taste is around these parts, and also whether anyone plays or writes music?

Answers on a postcard!!


mostly your heavier stuff her, on player at mo got some deftones, avenged sevenfold, audioslave, depeche mode, trivium.

love the transplants too, korn, green day, foo fighters + loads more.

Always love metallica except for the last album and 1 of my all time faves were the cult, oh yes!

shlt loads more i cant think of at mo.

ragga, hip hop, soul and rnb and old school garage, house and jungle

I don`t really have a fav music style as my cd collection has everything, but i do love reggae and ska.

John - you urgently need some analysis -

SuziC is our resident music maker - and very good she is too - have a listen to the podcast at and look at the last couple to hear her sweet tunes :slight_smile:


Wow! She sounds great! very nice!!

I forgot to add my input to teh original post…
I listen to metal and goth, eg. Tool, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Therion, Tristania, Cradle of Filth, etc…
But I play violin, piano, clarinet, guitar, drums, and bass.
I write classical orchestra music for exhibitions, and plays and films.

Did anyone go and see the motorbike Symphony Orchestra at Earls Court? My insurers sent an email asking for bikers to record their revs in time to music. Then they had a big concert with motorbikes revs!!
I didn’t get to see it, but it must have been spectacular!!

Great podcast!!


Hehe yeap metal for me as well, all the classic bay area thrash that I grew up with (Anthrax, metallica, megadeth, slayer, Exodus, Nuclear Assualt, machine head, pantera…), and classic rawk (maiden, GnR, Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Nirvana) all the way up to the new stuff, korn, limp bizkit, linkin park, lostprophets, 36 crazyfists, killswitch engage, velvet revolver, and even some mellow stuff like biffy clyro and some emo (gasp!)

I also do some writing for a music review websites, about one gig or album every 3 months, hobby type thing…

Cool! One album every 3 months…thats pretty intense!! Do you have any music online?

My music can be listened to here…

Hehe cant play any music at all, totally uncoordinated musically (insert joke about riding skills here…ahem) I just review gigs/albums that come out, mostly the big metal bands that the other writers wont do (they only have 3 metal writers out of 35!)…

ooooh! Sorry! cool, you are the ‘critique’ then! ? you must get to hear some intresting stuff then?

Sometimes, mostly just get the big albums about a week before they hit the shelves if I am reviewing them, but the gigs are cool, and might even do an interview this month…, its more of a hobby than anything else, I have to keep my full time job intact!!

Yes some old school UK Garage! I miss the days when I use to hear it in the clubs, seems to be only going on at retro night.

Fav Garage song were Monsta Boy - Sorry, Y-Trible - My Fav Girl, and 187 lockdown.

Atm listenin to alot of house music mainly electro, dirty and jackin house but still like my Rnb and Hip Hop.

at the moment i’ve got…

“Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 5 - Big Showdown At King Tubby’s” playing on the pooter…

i’m in a reggae dub type mood…sun is out and lounging in the garden with a beer…blimy…3.45 and drinking already…!!! dont get many days off so making most of it…!!!

Stuck in front of the PC all day and have been listening to:

Arcade Fire - Funeral

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

Killing Joke - Killing Joke (2003, not 1979!)

Kate Bush - Aerial (both discs)

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

Currently playing is the John Peel compilation Right Time, Wrong Speed 1977-1987. Takes me right back, pop-pickers! Good good good good good good technologeeeee

Hello i play accustic guitar and sing, i write my own material. i also play drums and bit of piano too.

Cool! I got directed to the podcast where I could here a taste of what you do - it sounds great!
Do you gig? Or have more music online?

Thanks well im still writing at the moment but its so expensive recording and i have not got the equipment unfortunatley. was gigging last year but only open mik night since ive been in london.

Going to check out the ‘spice of life’ next tuesday in soho, they have open stage night every tuesday and there is apparentley a band to jam with down there too.

Really like to be playing in a band, Uber and me were talking about getting together an LB band lol, not sure whether that will go ahead or not . Get Charlie on the drums, Uber lead guitarist/vocalist, me rythm guitar and vocals, could be fun.


You can play with my bongos if you like.

I play heaps of that stuff, my real passion is tech and minimal house, Booka shade M.A.N.D.Y D.ramirez Dirth south luurrrrvvvv Hed Kandi and Firece Angels stuff as well.

Some of my tunes will be on a major Dj down load site in the next week or two