music downloading

Anyone have any recomendations for music downloading sites/software? Used to use piolet from but its not on my pc. Want somethin that wont charge. Think its p2p?

Cheers, Dan.

I use the site has a free version of the software to download free and a pro one I use the free one with no probs very simple to use all the tunes ya want just click one the link it will take ya there

thats a coincidence mate. Just lookin at that on Gonna give it a go. Cheers mate.

Having trieed quite a few different sites, I have to agree with m9performance, limewire seems to be the best about

definetely limewire.All the files are working, no popups, no extra hidden software like kazaa

Hi everyone,

Just seen this nice topic about P2P software and like to warn People from using it!!!
A friend of mine recently told me that a “Big Company” is taking his brother in law
to court (the case goes on for 6 month already) they are very harsh about it and trying to sue him for £250.000 of damage

And they told him if he doesn’t pay, they would take him out of business!!!

The way they got him was very easy, the company just created an account with limewire and started searching in other people’s computer.

and he was FCUK’T the pure Guy !!!

Try going legal and seriously cheap …

People think iTunes, napster etc etc are the way forward but they are a total rip off. For just under 2 years now me and a lot of guys in the IT industry that download using our work PC use AllOfMP3.Com

it’s a Russian site that IS LEGAL and seriously cheap due to loop holes in Russian Copyright Laws ( they don’t pay anything to the States ) . it’s legal to use, to download and to have. Best thing is that it’s updated more than iTunes, faster than Naspter and a whole albums costs me less than $1 !!! Singles songs maybe $0.12c ( so 4p ) !!!

At these prices it pays to be legal… Some times it gets busy at weekend and speeds slow down to about 100k a second, but during the day I’m pulling down at just under 900k a second

Almost forgot to mention, if your worried about using your credit card, then use paypal to top it up. As I say me and a few other people have been using it for years now … My Stats for this year look something like :

Online Encoding
Downloaded files 5083
Total size 20.83 Gb (22364028420 bytes)
Total sum $293.798
Online Encoding Exclusive
Downloaded files 1568
Total size 6.56 Gb (7045944549 bytes)
Total sum $134.391

The difference in the two is that sometimes I choose to encode at a higher bit rate so I pay more ( you pay per meg NOT per song )

I buy things I like… And I store things I don’t…

The otherside to the poor musician is I would not have heard of half the music I have bought, if I hadn’t d/loaded it…

I also d/load things I can’t get in this country.

I use emule, and I like it for its archive search. so I can d/load a whole album at a time, and I never get problems with fake files, skippy tracks etc.

I also like bittorrents for getting the latest tv shows and quick music albums.

now that I have confessed and fbi copyright enforcers are on their way, I should substitute all instances of the would ‘like’ and replace with ‘ideal option based upon efficiency not taking into account law’

Theres another good site called it lets you download 60,000 tracks for £50. what a bargin!!!

An other one is there giving you 50 free downloads to join, then $9.99 a month for 40 tracks.