Muppet just dropped bike...

My shiny new fazer just hit the deck!

Speaking to a fellow biker in bike bay looking at his shiny new Hornet (nice italian styling there mate) chatting for a bit about bikes and stuff, got on fired up said “ride safe!” and pulled away.

Yes I left the disc lock on. Over she went, felt it go, tried to hold her, it went too far but i managed to take most of the weight and gently put it on its side.

Zero damage, disc is fine, caliper fine, fairing fine, minor scratch to crash bung, mirror stalk and top box, dented pride.

The fellow biker looked worried and asked if i was ok. I managed to pick the bike up and check it out. “Only hurt ego over here matey!” Note to self - dont get distracted when getting on bike and forget to take disc lock off.

On another note ive just bought SBK07 for the PS2. Its pretty good!



been there, done that, feel your pain…

We’ve all been there mate.

Thank god for stickers

at least you got off lightly

Been there done that (in front of about 200 bikers at the NEC).
Threw the bloody thing in the bin!

Alarmed locks are not to discourage thieves, they are alarmed to stop numpties riding off with the lock on! At least that is my philosophy! Almost did it last week but the alarm saved me. I also make a point of taking the lock off on first approaching the bike - before I do anything else - but like you, last week I got distracted from my normal routine.

Aye been there but not dropped it luckily. It was at the start of the bikesafe day, so no witnesses… not.

Now I put on the rear disc.

We’ve all done this before, I now make a point of circling my bike before getting on, just to make sure nothing is attached to it

I have tried to drive off when chained to my ground anchor but it is not as spectacular.

When I use a disk lock I connect a bright yellow curly wire betwen the lock and the front brake lever. It helps to remind me it is there.

Done that before mate.

Oh yes been there, didn’t drop the bike mind but did snap the speedo cable as the disc lock came around and clouted it, and it was in front of a lot of people as we left the car park at the Beaulieu bike show in the New Forest, most embarrassing!

Mind you the following year we saw someone else do exactly the same thing, dropped the bike, picked it up feeling suitably embarrassed, got back on it and went to pull away, luckily someone stopped him and pointed out that the disc lock was still on, I think he put it down to slipping on the grass until he realised…DOH!!

I’ve just been down to infinity and got me one of those extending-curly-whatsit-doogits that Chelsea Fan mentioned.

Maybe my dumb ass brain will engage next time it sees luminous rubberness hanging from the handlebars.

*slaps forehead (again)

PS: Superbike 2007 PS2 is really rather good! Bloody hard tho. Ive been blatting around Brands Hatch in preparation for my first track day. Gulp*

Its amazing how easily you can pick up 200 odd KG’s of bike after something like that

sounds like you got off lightly mate, the last (and only) time i did that i managed 38 feet before the bike fell over… had just done 16 hours straight at work and couldnt work out why my bike was juddering! new disc, new caliper,new lower fork leg. the repair cost me more than the bike did lol. my advice? park with your front wheel against something (kerb or wall) so you have to move the bike before you can ride it.

That kermit, always thought he was a shady looking cvnt.

I have never done that

i have and me missus learnt the hard way not to wear shorts on the bike. luckily the bike didnt fall right over i noticed sort of in time, her foot slipped off the pillion peg and her leg sort of got caught on the exhaust and it sort and melted/glued her leg to it, lol, oop’s sorry i mean ouch!

Just thoguht it was a normal burn and she did not bother with the hospital till after the bubble burst and it started ooozing green puss etc.

That’ll teach her.

Buy an Abus keyring, bright yellow and shaped like a disk lock. You will never forget to take it off.

done that aswell lol

One of these might save you from doing it again … and save on valuable under-seat storage space.