Muppet alert

Some boy!

wow… not sure really what to say to that!

Umm. Wow.

Is it the school holidays yet ?

Obvious death wish! :crazy:

Normal stuff really - it’s what happens when you rely on traffic policing by speed camera.

Nicked at a guess.

Pfft! Some of them’ll try and ride between your wheels if your not carefull

A55HOLE !!!

they had no helmet on deffo nicked especially the way he is riding probably worth showing to police see if they can take action especially if that bike comes back as stolen :wink:

What an idiot… :crazy:

Nice, we see worse at the ace most friday nights to be fair!!

ah well, I see this in my local area sometimes. Total pain to be honest. Just wish the police would do something. Flog the bikes as spares and cut their benefit!