mumg1's cbr400rr

well she is stripped down now! and work is starting!! working on a tight budget but she’ll get there!!

had a look to see which seat unit suits it best and have decided on the k4 gixxer600 unit!! the r1 unit is too wide and so is the mv unit that chritof is tidying up in one of the pics!!

terry has donated a set of headlights which once i make a bracket up will be fitted this weekend!

gixxer unit

lobbed the can in half and she sounds sweet, gave it a bit of a polish up! doesnt look brand spanking but better than it was!! closed the can up with metal proxy stuff instead of paying to get the aluminium welded!!

thats the other seat unit that wont be used!! £20 quid and its yours!!

last lot of pics!!(dont know how to get em all on one post!!)

cleaned up the down pipes and the system and treated it to some heat resistant paint!

Looking good, agree that the gixxer unit looks the best.

Looking good mate, i like the picture of Gina pretending to work with a fag hanging out.

cant wait to see it finished…

sod the cbr when you streetfightinh the fz 50

that being done by my brother!! hes decided to turn it into a play thing!!! so that will be a mini street fighter!!!hehehe

jacked up 50mm nice under seat exhaust fz.

picked up some aluminium today so the head light bracket can be made!! also picked up some gauze(or however you spell it)mesh to tidy up the look from the side when she is completed!!

sourced a set of wheels for my cbr600 (my new stunt toy) for 200 notes!!

and also cut down my micron delta on the gixxer as the other day she decided it was time to start falling apart!!

what a busy day!! roll on sunday!! The gixxer and gina’s bike gonna be getting a whole load of attention!!

looking good mate

Adam, bikes looking awesome, she must be dead chuffed, can’t wait to see her riding it !

What did you use to clean up the down pipes ?

Adam use paint for exhaust but don’t know if he was cleaning it.

yeah used exhaust paint on em, but before that i had to get oil (that hadnt completly burnt off) and general dust rust and crap off of em! used some degreaser that you spray on and leave for about ten mins then just used a brillo pad and scrubbed all the loose crap off! then sprayed em!

Think i will have to do it soon on my CBR

dont go and buy any paint!! ive got a pot of the stuff!! you can use it if you like!


the yellow tail defo looks better

Fooking hell, you dont hang about. You should have the v5 by now i hope? I signed it but left your details blank.

terry and tug were down mine yesterday telling me of the build and taking the piss cause i still aint on the road

heres my 2 pence worth got some renthals you can have

cheers alan