Mum and Dad next Sunday?

You got a rideout in mind for next Sunday? If not I’ll happily plan something, can’t start at the ace but I can finish there as I’ll be toddling off to Aldershot after for the boxing course.

Could you do a ride past Cheltenham town centre? I’m working at the science festival in a (likely) hot and smelly tent… could use the entertainment :smiley:

If you can factor in fuel stop for my lil exc i will come along bud.
Few for crossings will be welcome too lol

I remember the days of the Jets having to plan a fuel stop for me for every 60 miles when I went along on my EXC, now I can manage 80 on the SDR, haha.

Can you handle a full days riding MD?

Where you planning?

Not decided yet, depends if the Jets have anything planned but it’ll be about 300miles give or take

So will need a oil change by lunch time lol

Pretty much, my 525 always coped :wink: And so will the 560 when I get it built in the year 2030

Asbo - dad will be here Wednesday and we will see what he suggests
M x

I hope to be out on SUnday too, will be good to see you ASBO :slight_smile:

MD, we can turn around after first fuel stop and finish with some little lanes…

I usually meet everyone at Jacks hill cafe or H cafe depending on the route we take. Bare in mind it’s 100miles just for me to get to the Ace, well that’s if I was to take the boring motorway route.

Well were sorry son. I blew a hole in my Ninjas radiator in Palmers Green on Monday morning and BB2 is still bereft of an oil cooler. We still have the RAV4, maybe we could do Furneax Pelham. Its big long and not so clever.

Well that’s a bummer

Ooh yer must have changed yer phone number - we did text you this morning.

Ah yeah, I got a new one when I got back from Afghan


What’s happening here (is almost tomorrow already)?

Think Chris’ steed blew a gasket and the backup’s still not ready. Fancy a run tomorrow - not ridden for a few weeks would be criminal not to.

OK High Beech 10am?

Cya there

Not a gasket, a whole radiator, fatty.
But to quote Churchill, by Monday I will have a radiator but you … etc

Anyway with a bit of radiator luck we’ll be off to visit yer mother-in-law next week, have a good rideout chaps.