Multiple bikes or one all purpose bike?

Ok so I have a question. How many of you have more than one bike and why? Do you have a special bike for touring and commuting? The reason I’m asking is that I have the Hornet which is a perfect little bike that is loads of fun in town and on the backroads around London. The problem is since it’s a naked bike I can’t handle (or don’t want to) more than a hundred of miles on the motorway which sort of limits my rideout radius.
So what are the options? Is there a bike that is truly universal or should I get something big and comfy like Triumph Sprint ST for touring and leave the Hornet for local stuff? In that case, what is specific to your extra bike? I.e. if you have tourer what makes it perfect for touring or if you have off roader why did you choose that one…

Sports bike is perfect for everything!:smiley:

Although i am toying with the idea of a supermoto for some different additional fun!:w00t:

I’ve got a supermoto as a second bike… though I wouldn’t really use it for commuting or longer rideouts :smiley:

I know you said you don’t want to do more than a hundread miles on the motorway… but on the little GSR (and therefore I think you could easily do on the hornet) I did over a thousand miles in 3-4 days.

Of course if you can afford it, buy more than 1 bike… :smiley:

Multiple bikes is the way to go :slight_smile:

R6 for sunny weekend ride-outs, IOM TT, Le Mans, etc.
It was a FZ1 before the other half got her own bikes as the FZ1 can take a pillion.

Naked SV650 for daily commute and wet weekends.

I keep two bikes for commuting. The reason is that I work on contract basis (paid by the day) and losing even one day of billable work through having a bike problem would cost me more than owning/insuring/taxing a second bike.

It’s nice to switch between the two, keeps the fun element up…

I’ve got an '08 Aprilia Pegaso Strada for commuting and cutting about and an '08 R6 for proper cutting about and track days. I dont know how I can really justify two bikes, but I (at the minute) can afford it, so why not :smiley:

Multiple bikes.

I have a Versys which is a fab all-round bike, but after a year on it, I want something a bit more sporty.

I also want something that I can thrash/trash - since I’m a bit anal about cleaning my ‘best bike’…

So I think at least 3 bikes… 1 that’s comfy, 1 that’s fast, and 1 to thrash around in the mud :slight_smile:

got a dt 125 for spinning up the dirt and a ntv for everyday use even thou atm the ntv needs a new lump hehe

Got an FZ6 S2, comfy bike, I commute with my girlfriend on the back most days but its also a lot of fun as it packs almost 98bhp. If I could buy any bike, and just keep that one bike it would be a street triple.

I thought I would go for the 1 bike fits all policy when I bought the 990, and it nearly does it. motorway all day, twisties are eaten by it, 2 up is easy, load it up with luggage and go, and I do commute on it, but, its thirsty which makes the commute expensive, comparitively. and it’s big, plus you gotta park your pride and joy where the toe rags can see it.

Its the closest I could get to an all in 1 that suits my needs but ultimately I would prefer to be commuting on something smaller, lighter and cheaper to run. I can continue to compromise if I really need to, but I dont like it and want to get a cheap used 400 for the work duties and keep the KTM for everything else.

I dont think there is a bike that will really do it all, go for 2, or better if you can afford it 3.

I’ve always warned the GF that if we buy a house it needs a garage big enough to hold 5 bikes which I think should fullfill my needs, just about. big trailie, trials, fun fast naked, track and daily hack.

I’m off to but some more lottery tickets.

Another FZ6 S2 rider here, fun for most of the riding I do (commute, touring & rideouts) and the KTM for the rest :smiley:

ask your self - would you really make use of a second bike?
i would love a second bike but having a little kid and a family means that weekends is mainly spent with them rather than on a bike

so i have one fun bike that does all i want.

I’ve got an mz 660 bagihra and a cbr 600 f.

I got two while I could, before a) my money goes on something else b) before the GF has me fully locked down (brazilian ladies are in control!!!) c) I love bikes and wanted to try out something different

Ideally I’d love 3 bikes, sensible sports bike, big tourer two up bike and supermotoish one.

Best bit of having more than one bike is you can take on more complex maintenance jobs as you have a back up bike!

Wouldn’t you be cheaper buying a flyscreen for the motorway rather than the second bike?

I have a fazer6, which broke so I bought a zx9, which broke so I bought a vfr750. contemplating getting a c90 at the moment.

I have a 600RR and a Volvo, that covers pretty much all of my bases. I’d like a leviathan tourer like an FJR or a ZZR1400 GTR just for fun though.

I have 3 bikes, but I don’t commute by bike so justification is difficult … RatatatRat for no real point atall other than it was something to throw spanners at , the superduke cos I like to look at it and the kwak as something to think about when I am bored. None of them are really "needed " in the pure sense but they give me excuses to hide in the garage, the more bikes the more excuses) )))

GSXR1000 for the fun stuff and a Yam WR250F for the other fun stuff (and a Husky TE410 too as the mo).

The girlfriend has a VFR400, CBR400, XR125, road legal quad, 2 mini moto’s and a midi moto.

Lots of options for goofing about, choice is never a bad thing :slight_smile:

I have the KTM 990SMT, I’d love to have a 600 or 800 I4 to go with it, to ride on shitty days. It is something that I’ll ultimately do. If I had to commute then definitely, I’d have something like the NC700 or the new CB500 range to get the best fuel economy.

@Pan, sell the baby for medical experiments, get another bike. :smiley:

@Mian, only you could buy and possibly destroy a C90. I challenge you. :w00t:

You won’t regret it! I bought a CCM R30 in addition to my 600RR and love it ! Can’t wait till Springtime !