Multiple Bike Thefts At Training School

Last night, our premisies were broken into and we had several bikes stolen. Three GS500’s, three moped and two GN125’s. Two other bikes were smashed. many jackets and most of out gloves and some of our tools went too. To say I found this upsetting at 6am is an understatement.

Our bikes are stored in a container with really heavy locks on. I turned up this morning to take three people to test to find we had one 500 left. Our specially lowered 500 was gone, meaning that a young lady missed her test as she couldn’t reach the floor on the remaining bike. The other two riders had to share the bike, but they both managed to pass despite the upset.

We had all the locks repaired today at great cost, but the owner of the company may close the business if it happens again. There is a massive problem here in Milton Keynes, with bikes being stolen by joyriders every night, and the police seem unable to do anything about it.

May I implore any of you who knows anybody who is involved with stealing bikes or trading in stolen parts to report them to the police. Only by sticking together can we hope to keep our bikes safe. I live in fear that my own precious CBR may be gone when I wake up in the morning, despite the ground anchor and multiple locks and chains that adorn it every night.

Be safe, my friends.

I reckon guns are a decent solution, then there’s GBH, physical assault, pain by death and other varieties of the same…

I live by the idea that living by the rules is a good thing, but this is the sort of thing that makes me think “Nice guys do finish last” and the only conclusion is how long do we have to put up with the police being ineffective at stopping crime before we realise that there is far too much of it for them to ever be effective…

Can any of the coppers on here, tell me honestly… what are the REAL crimes occurred to crimes solved figures?

Real sorry to hear about this Toast, gutted for ya mate, it almost make some want to vote Right Wing!

Really sorry to read about this, mate.

On a slightly different note - you ever go to the Folly on Thursdays? Or the King Billy?

Dirty thieving fvcks :angry:

This is so awful to read, I’m so sorry. Fingers crossed you get the bikes back AND in one piece.

How about investing in some rather large, aggressive dogs?

thats terrible

i hope they catch the little bastards and cut there thieving fugging hands off!!!



hope they catch the scum :angry:
maybe your boss could install an interior second door with another lock and alarm? yet more expense of course :unsure:

They broke through heavy locks, took 8 vehicles, destroyed 2 and no one saw/heardanything??? thats fuggin unbelievable!!! any cctv?

so the police arent able to do anything? im sure if u caught one of the people who did it and beat the shyte of em, they would be there quickitty split to arrest you…thats absolutely sh*ttyi hope they do catch em and that u get ur bikes back

Thanks, everybody, for the kind sentiments.Update:- our premises is at the National Bowl in MK; sadly, in the middle of nowhere so there’s no housing nearby; we found out last night that, by sheer chance, a cyclist was short-cutting through the bowl at 1:30 am and saw ‘something’ going on and phoned the police; they investigated and found two scroats hiding in the bushes with the 500’s, which we will get back tomorrow, when ‘sceens of crimes’ have finished with them; two are supposed to be ‘ok’, (in their opinion) the other one has a screwdriver in the ignition.

I found one of the missing mopeds hidden in bushes; lights speedo and ignition all smashed, but rest of it ok. Another one similarly trashed, also stashed. Another one, our fast (48mph!) tiny Suzuki magic (49cc of rip-snorting power!) is still awol. We are still missing a couple of bikes, most importantly a top condition GN125, but the two other GN’s they trashed but left behind are being fixed and hopefully, we will be back to near-on full strength soon.

Bolting Horses and locking stable doors aside, the boss is having a full-monty ‘phones us all at home’ security system installed, and extra locks and shuttering over all the doors are being welded on in the next couple of days…

I have spent over thirty five years riding bikes, despatching, written for a few mags and a website, and now teach, all to promote motorcycling and the brotherhood we enjoy so much. This kind of thing really gets my goat. Being a heart patient, It was a nasty shock, one I didn’t need at 6am, with three people going to test. (two passed, had to share the one 500 we had left, but the other test was abandoned as the lowered 500 was nicked) I now understand what people go through when their homes are broken into and their treasured possessions are ruined.

My own CBR600 lives outsde my house; ground-anchored, three chains and padlocks, Honda HISS system, but I live in fear now or finding it stolen or wrecked. Wish I had a garage and a pet tyrannosaures… My two cats, wonderful as they are, just ain’t much for security.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer on the roads; keep your bikes secure, and enjoy.

glad to hear you got a couple of them back and that ehy caught two of em! i gues not all cyclist are bad eh? lol :smiley: i can sympathise with you about your bike…i have a similar reason stopping me from actually buying a bike (council estates, scumbags and bikes dont mix very well…), hope u find the rest of the bikes!

Despite the damage, glad you have managed to get some of your bikes back. Hopefully the little **** bags get what they deserve.

glad to hear you got some of the bikes back, and that two of the scrotes got nicked!!


glad to hear they got some of the scum :slight_smile:

Good you got some of your bikes back.

Be interesting if you can find out what punishment the guys that got nicked get. Maybe someone on this site could could check for you once the scroats have gone through the system?