multibike insurance

the mce insurance on the scooter is ending (thank god) and i am looking to add it to the CBF insurance.

can anyone recommend a good multibike insurance co? :wink:

Can’t specifically help with a recommendation for a multi-bike insurer but I’ve just this week been ringing around insurance companies getting quotes for a separate policy on a 2nd bike. I’ve found the following the most competative so might be worth giving them a try:

Express Insurance 0800 1973739

Swinton Bikes 0800 1164290

Bike Insurer (on line)

Tesco compare (on line)

Carol Nash (0800 083 5566)

Good luck.


I’ve got two bikes insured with Highway (through H&R Insurance Services), but I don’t have a multibike policy. It turned out cheaper to insure both with Highway, with one being categorised as my main policy and the other my second policy, than it did with a multibike. When I had my ZX and CBF insured, my CBF premium was only £85 done this way.

So it might be worth raising that with your current insurer to see what they can do. Bear in mind that you’d only be able to use your cumulative NCB against one bike though (I think).

I have 3 bikes insured with Norwich Union (Easy Rider policy), the main one being a Z200 with the additional two being an XV400 and an XJ550. It’s a good deal with my premium being £160. Worth looking around though, as with all things insurance-related.

My bikes are all with Carol Nash - don’t know how competitive it is, but the company seem very professional and dependable.

I have a multi-bike policy with MCE. The price is good.

I have the VFR and the Ducati under the same policy with e-bike which I think is standard for them, you can go up to four bikes I think.

i have my main bike insured fully comp and i can have the same cover on upto 3 more bikes for 20 quid a bike

aqoute, but the underwriters are norwich union

Im also with H&R,

the problem is that the CBF is not on a multibike insurance so would have to cancel and retake a multibike one :ermm:

got both my bikes with swinton bikes now, on a multi bike policy and they are both fully comp :slight_smile:

Me too. I have The Riot, a 1992 XR600 Supermoto (in mint condition) & a 1995 900ss Ducati insured with MCE comprehensive for £130. Both are on limited mileage of about 2500mls a year?

I guess you only know if cheap cover is good or bad value for money when you need to claim…

have you tried quotelinedirect. only 24 and have only been riding for less than a year and had a 2000 sv650s and my brand new k8 gsxr 600 both on the same policy for 460 tpft for the year, did not think that was bad.