Multi Bike Policy?

Hey guys and girls, its that time of the year again for me where I pay a bunch of money to people who laugh at me for services I don’t use.

im wondering if any of you;
have a multi bike policy(if yes) who withwould you recommend them or advise i stay clear?please share with me your bountiful knowledge!

Have you tried google, there are plenty of multi bike insurance comparisons out there :stuck_out_tongue:

I now use MCE and have used Carole Nash, Bennets and ebike in the past.
Carole Nash is the only one I’ve claimed from and they were very good.

I switched just to get a cheaper renewal, i.e. no complaints (other than price) with any of them.

I’ve got 3 bikes through - I found it easier to call them to get it sorted due to the amount of mods on one bike.

MCE 2 bikes have been okay so far

i just got a traders Policy Threw Clegg Gifford and have 34 bikes on it and 5 four wheeled vehicles works for me :smiley:

yes i did my own research into it but i wasn’t looking for companies that offer multi bike, i was looking for reliable companies that offer multi bike :slight_smile:

thank you all for your swift replies.
much appreciated.

I had with both CIA and MCE… no real difference to single bike policies on either.

The reason I did it was for simple simplicity and the fact I couldn’t be bothered to search for multiple policies…

I’ve got 3 bikes on Benetts.
I only really paid for insurance the most expensive one (SV1000S)
The other two were added to the policy for free (well only a £20 admin free for making the change).

I am with mce. Been v happy with service and amendments.
Cheers K

Carole Nash added second bike to my policy for an admin fee. Claims service was good too:Whistling:

yeah I’ve got multi bike policy.

first point, I had two separate polices for years , so racked up no claims on both polices, got tempted into a multi bike deal with carole nash. first year really cheap second year price went up, a lot. I tried to go back to separate polices, only to discover I only had NCB on one bike now, so lost four years NCB on one of my bikes. Thanks carole nash , should of known better.

then tried wicked quotes (google it) as recommended by some one on here. very helpful and considerably cheaper than C N.

Now with bennets, purely on price. if there price rises to much i wouldn’t hesitate, to change to some body else, but it wouldn’t be carole nash.

hope that helps.

Given hindsite Rosso, would you have quite the separate policies going?

well it would of given me more choice of companies maybe, I could of got cheaper insurance for sure 2 years ago if they were on separate policies, but the deed is done now and so I have to live with it.

Just another thought on insurance company’s, when I traded my Sprint ST for the Sprint GT, the insurance company I was with wouldn’t cover the new bike, surprisingly the new policies underwriter was the same as before. conclusion there all a bunch of rip of bastids when it suits them.