Multi bike insurance cover

Anyone recommend an Insurance company that does multi bike policies?

Have 4 of my bikes on one By the Co-op

I’ve got 3 bikes with MCE, they beat thebikeinsurer by £50 & got free breakdown cover & protected no claims…

Thanks, I’ll try both.

i went through divitt i think its with chaucer but have 3 bikes on it


You can put up to 4 bikes on a policy, do it all online & they’re cool with pretty much any mods in the unlikely event that you decide to change any of your bikes from standard… :smiley:

It probably is, i’m with Chaucer through MCE…

Looked around as mine was due for renewal again but stuck with ebike as the others were nearly double. 4 bikes, 2 people on mine.

both mine on swinton bikes :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there was so many companies doing multi bike cover these days! will shop around for best price, thanks.

My 3 are with MCE

Moved recently and they sent me a REFUND for moving to a cheaper more secure area !!

Result !!

mine are with Ducati Insurance. Although I’m told you don’t have to own a Ducati to insure through them.

They are extremely competitive.

Are these policies seriously offering free breakdown cover and the lot? When I went with MCE they gave me a price and said it was all inclusive and when they made a mistake and the premium went up they said the price without breakdown etc and with. They were charging £55 for breakdown and £30 for personal injury £30 for legal

I have 3 bikes insured with Aviva through Bennetts. TPFT with 90 days euro cover, protected NCB…£152. Newest bike is my '99 ZRX 1100.