Hello All.I have been bored most the day since picking up my puncher whilst doing a wheelie the whole length of Seven Mile Lane. Anyway whilst sitting here in deep thought :wink: I have decided that I am going to bring mullets back into fashion. Remember you heard it here first people. Mullets are coming back and back with a BANG! oh yes Chris Waddle ain’t got nothing on me. :hehe:

Anyone got any thoughts on this pressing issue?

What about a permy Mullet? :w00t:

The ladies love a mullet


yeah keep up, it went:

Hoxton fin

Mullet revival

Trailer trash baseball cap

Bieber curtain

You are SOOO behind the curve… 3/10, try a bit harder eh, :hehe:

Its fair enough you can all be Jealous of me I don’t care. With a Mullet and my looks the ladies are going to be foaming at the gash. I’ll have that 1970’s German porn star look about me…:hehe::cool::w00t:;):P:D:)

They are gonna love it…:P;)

When did mullets go out of fashion???

Mullets are good eating …

Mr T style mohican on top that nicely flows into a traditional mullet with the ends permed. Pure class

You wait until I have grown my Mullet. You won’t be laughing then. I’ll be a legend.

Pat Sharp will love me at least :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean Pat Butcher before she married Frank?

The moment someone grew one.

Well get on with it then:) Here’s something to get you started:

What about attaching a false mullet hair piece to the back of your helmet as trial run:)…see if you get any reaction from the ladies:P… or if the mullet fails to woo the ladies you could try comb-over next;)

I have pulled off many a hair style before including dreadlocks. I know I have a long road ahead of me with this one but with all your help and support I think I can make this.

I am going for this look

Autographs later people. Stand by your beds.

Looks like you’re giving up sex for good then;)

I might have to mate. Will be a few disapointed ladies out there though. :smiley: