Muffs for Ps125

anyone have Muffs on their Honda PS125??

if so what make are they - tucano dont seem to make any that will fit? :ermm:


There’s a woman in our car park who rides one. I’ll ask her where she got her muffs from ( :D:)).

Oh, actually, I remember she told me before Xmas that the muffs she’d got on weren’t a good fit and she was thinking of taking them off. Sorry about that. Perhaps they’re a tricky fit (but I would have thought you could adapt something to fit them).

Have you had a look at the Baglux range? (Just a thought. They may offer something that Tucano don’t?) Good luck

good idea!

edit: cant seem to find any info on their muffs… both adn dont seem to have a muff section (only apron??) :ermm:

Just buy a good pair of gloves.

Try this: top of page makes a brief mention of muffs, and says there’s a range for all sorts of bikes. There’s a phone number for enquiries.

Good luck


the good ppl at infinity (Holborn) gave me a call yesterday and they had contacted tucano and got the to send them some muffs that fit! :smiley:

will let you know what the GF thinks :smiley:

if anyone needs baglux muffs etc for scooters we do them to order in a day or two ! :wink: