Mucky Duck (aka Black Swan)

Wednesday night (June 29th) myself and a few peeps from Boxhill will be going to the aforementioned. Meeting Boxhill carpark at 20:00. If anyone wants to tag along feel free.

Id be up for that -am getting the 7 serviced that day though, so it depends if its finished…

I’m up for it. Let me know Ben, and we can go down together.

cool…I’ll txt u on wednesday…I think the garage is giving me a loan bike anyway, so I should make it whatever… Ill c if Iain is up for it & we can all meet in Kingston B4 we leave for Boxhill.

sound like a plan?

Sounds good. I bet you’ll be given a Bandit 600 or something equally horrible

well, if im on a bandit, then at least Iain & you will be able to keep up.

Hi Ben… You can count me in… (please let them give you a Bandit 650)!!! I would laugh my ass off… HA HA HA HA…

gee thanks foxy…

YOUR SOOOOOOO WELCOME MATE… Great to see you earlier dude… It’s been a while eh!!! looking forward to Wed… x

Chuffster, a few of us came down, but unfortunately we didn’t get to Box Hill until 8.30, as the person who said ‘yeah, I know the way!’ took us down to Guilford, and then up through some (admitedly, very nice) twisties. Bah. Perhaps next time we’ll meet!

Twasn’t me Chuffster!!! Honest!!! That’s the last time I follow an Irish man… Mmmmm nice roads though… You out on friday???

Well if anyone did get there after there little excursion I was out the front middle table with a few mates. Dont know if anyones interested but there is a band playing there Sunday night. Now its probably rock music and you may not be into it but there is always space outside.

As for Friday, still hoping to be out. Is the meet at the Ace or Chelsea Bridge? By the time I get going from home will be about 20:00. I have not been to the Ace but sure its easy to find if that is the destination. If weather good, I am up for coming out.

Morning Chuffster… We normally hook up at the Ace anytime between 8.30 and 10.30. so… hopefully we’ll see you there…

Quote Chuffster

Now its probably rock music and you may not be into it but there is always space outside.

Arrr right your the peeps that walk out halfway through my set!!!

Dont go getting yourself all hot under the collar there floyd, I personally like rock music. I had to keep going in just to listen to the music last night, some good old tunes from my youth. Its a bit hard to have a convo in that kind of environment though, hence we go outside.

Are you playing there?

lol… I’m just teasing chap… Nah, I dont play there… and yeah its near impossible to have a conversation when my band plays!

i didnt get to go this week but they go every wednesday. if you want to go next week i can meet you local i’m in brentford can meet richmond area and go down to box.

Cool, okay RB, I’m up for that. I’m sure the others will be too. This time, we’ll get there on time

great i will try to get down to the ace fri i’m on the yellow TLR + yellow lid (soumy) should be around 8 - 8:30 who do i look out for

Foxy, or me. She’s tall and laughs a lot, then there’s me on my K5 1000, with an all-black arai lid with a bulls-eye where the sticker should be. Alternatively, just shout “I LIKE RUBBER DUCKS!” and we’ll spot you